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It says ‘Everything KPOP’ but I’m hoping to write about so much more. Obviously I’ll be covering concerts, Kpop reviews, Kdramas etc, but I’ll also be writing about things like games, fashion, and cultural aspects to help us learn a little more about the fascinating  country that is S. Korea. I’ll probably throw in some travel tips and other stuff too, so check back often to see what’s new or follow me and see all the new articles as soon as they’re posted.

Blog Posts: I’ve written over 200 posts on all sorts of things related to Kpop and Korea. Please look through them if you have time. Thank you. 

Stray Kids World Tour District 9 Unlock, Dallas 2020. (lots of photos.)

Seventeen Ode To You Concert Houston, 2020. ( with lots of photos )

Kpop Idols Who Are Also Actors.

The Best Kdramas Of 2019.

A Look Back At My Kpop Year: 2019.

Kpop Blog Recommendation.

Dreamcatcher Concert: Invitation From Nightmare City in Dallas USA.

The Unique Faces Of Kpop: Part 2.

SuperM: We Are The Future, Live In Fort Worth. 2019.

Korean Dramas For Halloween Viewing.

2019 Kdramas: The Best Ones To Watch Right Now. Part 2.

A Wonderful Guide To Kpop Merchandize.

2019 KDramas:The Best Ones To Watch Right Now.

Imfact 1st Meet And Live Tour 2019: In Dallas.

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Monsta X ‘We Are Here Tour’ Texas 2019.

Black Pink: In Your Area. Fort Worth 2019.

NCT 127 Neo City-The Origin Tour, Houston 2019. Thoughts.

VAV: Dallas 2019.

Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? 2010.

Astro: The 2nd Astroroad Tour 2019.

Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.

Great Night Of Networking At The Korea Spotlight Industry Party @SXSW.

How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?

Korea Spotlight @SXSW 2019: Preview.

Kpop @ SXSW: An Overview.

Winner: Everywhere Tour In Dallas 2019.

My Favorite Kdramas of 2018. Part 2.

My Favorite Kdramas Of 2018.

Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.

South Korea’s Military Conscription Explained.

The Unique Faces of Kpop.

2018 Teen Top Night In Texas.

Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival: In Photos.

Korean Banchan.


BTS: Love Yourself Tour, Fort Worth.

A Look At Some Of My Favorite Kpop Dance Practice MVs.

A Quick Trip To Victoria, British Columbia: In Photos.

Korean Ghosts.

Silla: Korea’s Kingdom of Gold.

2018 Monsta X 2nd World Tour “The Connect” In Houston.

The Beauty of Korea.

Eric Nam ‘Honestly’ 2018 North American Tour In Houston: Thoughts.

Horse Related Artifacts At Gyeongju National Museum.

Daereungwon Tumuli: In Photos.

UP10TION 1st US Meet & Live Tour Candyland Dallas.


The Kpopjacket: In Photos.

Changdeokgung Palace: In Photos.

Huwon: The Secret Garden Of Changdeokgung Palace.

The Zoo In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? Part 1. (Around 2009)

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul.

My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.

The Botanic Garden In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

IMG_3718 (2)

Mad Clown & San E In San Antonio.

Seoul Grand Park: The Theme Gardens, And The Children’s Zoo.

Tongin Traditional Market.

Namsan Tower, Seoul.

Dumbfoundead: The Yikes! Tour.


Zion. T. Delights Dallas Fans.

Wolji Pond At Night: In Photos.

Korea Spotlight @ SXSW 2018.

200th Post. My Thanks And Appreciation.

Temple Food: Lunch In Gyeongju.

Walls Of Green,Windows Of Color: The Fall Beauty Of Korea.

Spirit Garden.

Seokguram Grotto.

Kpopjacketlady: Adventures in Alaska, Chasing The Northern Lights.

Korean Variety Show Classics: X-Man.

Bulguksa Temple: In Photos.

Korean Variety Shows: Welcome To Another World.

Blogging, Family, Friends, And Life: Interactions And Influences.

Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.

Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.

Haneul Park: In Photos.

List of 2017 Kdramas. Just A List.

Hwaseong Fortress: In Photos.

The Best Kdramas of 2017? Part 2.

Day Trip To Jeonju Part 3: In Photos.

The Best Kdramas Of 2017? Part 1.

Day Trip To Jeonju. Part 2, Gyeonggijeon Shrine: In Photos.

Common Ground: A Container Shopping Mall In Seoul.

My Top Kpop Songs (Male Groups) 2017.

Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 3.

The Kpop Jacket Turns Four!

A Farewell to Jonghyun.

Day Trip to Jeonju. Part 1.

Seoullo: In Photos.

Kpop Songs For The Holidays. 

Itaewon Global Village Festival.

Nighttime Cruise On The Han River.


Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 2.

Seonyudo Park: In Photos.

Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 1.

Eating at Gwangmyeong Traditional Market.

Chunghyeon Museum, At The Ancestral Home Of Ori Yi Won-ik.

Jokbal, A Korean Dish Of Pig’s Hocks.

Gwangmyeong Cave, South Korea.

A Visit To The Show, (SBS Music Show.)

The Horses Of Jeju.

Kpop Idols Who Were Athletes First.

Beolcho: A Korean Tradition Of Maintaining Ancestral Grave Mounds.


Taeyang White Night Concert In Dallas.

Jolhon: A Korean Alternative to Divorce?

Hanji: The Paper of Korea.

Should You Be Watching Kocowa?

Seventeen Diamond Edge Concert In Dallas: Review.

Korea And The Silk Road.

JJCC The 1st Appearance In America: Review Of The Houston Show.

Scan_0001 simba

Looking For Cactus And Succulents In South Korea.

G.Dragon World Tour In Houston 2017.

Monsta X Beautiful In The USA: Chicago.


Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment. Part 2.  Mostly Running Man.

Korean Public And Street Art: In Photos.

Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment. Mostly Weekly Idol.

Music Analytics + Culture = The Music Fold.  An in depth study about the issues facing EAM (East Asian Males) trying to break into the American music market. It is written by a friend of mine as his thesis, and well worth a read.

Korean Actors Who Were Athletes First.

Pets In Korea: And Some Of The Idols Who Own One.

The National Treasures of S. Korea.

Banpo Rainbow Bridge, Seoul.

WILD KARD 2017: The 1st Tour in America.

HT_0044 (1)

Hwacha: A Korean ‘Rocket Arrow’ Launcher.

Six Degrees of Yoo Jae Suk!

Seoul Forest Park: In Photos.

Happy Anniversary KpopJacketLady.com.

Party Baby! B.A.P. 2017 World Tour In Dallas.


Korean Games, And Where To Find Out More About Them.

Juldarigi: An Extreme Form Of Korean Tug Of War.

Cats And Dogs: Animal Cafes In Seoul.

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Foodie’s Delight: The Street Food Of Korea. Part 2.

[Exclusive] Sweet Sweet Insider: Meet the KPOP Jacket Lady  reblog of an interview I did with Sweet Sweet Insider.

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 5. Dangyunhaji, & Chopsticks Games.

How Many Kpop Idols/Groups Have I Actually Seen Perform Live?

SHINee World V Tour In Dallas. 2017.

Kpop Night Out @ SXWS. Part 1. In line, Industry Party, chatting with some artists.

KPOP Night Out At SXSW. Part 2.  Big Phony, No Brain, Galaxy Express, MFBTY.

KPOP Night Out @SXSW. Part 3.  Hyolin, Red Velvet.

Springtime Cherry Blossoms In S.Korea.

HyunA Charms Her Dallas Fans.


Easy On The Eyes: Korean Models Turned Actors. Part 3. Kim Young Kwang, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jang Geun Suk.

Pojangmacha: Better Known To Some As A Soju Tent.

Korea’s Greatest Hero.

“…And Stones May Break My Bones.” The Korean Stone Throwing Game Called Seokjeon.

Traditional Sledding In Korea.

S.Korea’s Military Service Commitment, And The Actors And Idols It Impacts.

Easy On The Eyes: Korean Models Turned Actors. Part 2. Cha Seung Won, So Ji Sub.

Easy On The Eyes: Korean Models Turned Actors. Part 1. Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Soo Hyuk.

Kimchi Pots: In Photos.

The Birth Of Korean Cool. (Book Review.)

Best of Weekly Idol Random Play Dances.

Kpop: The 100 Million Club.

Yongyeon Pond: In Photos.

Best Kpop Rookie Groups For 2016.

Your Horoscope In Korea?

Seollal: Korean New Year.

K-dramas, My Picks For 2016.

Juryeonggu: A 14 Sided Die From The Golden Age Of Silla.

Kpop Songs For The Holidays.

Yeomiji Botanic Garden: In Photos.

Goblin, Guardian, or God?

My Favorite Place to Stay in Seoul.

Korean Variety Show Games, part 4. (The Embarrassment Factor.)

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 3.

Horseback Archery In Korea: A Traditional Sport.

Halla Arboretum, Jeju Island.

Fare thee well: 2NE1.

Jokgu: A Korean Foot, Tennis/Volleyball Game.

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 2.

Baduk, the Korean Game of Weiqi, or Go.

Korea Without The Chili Pepper!


Korean Variety Show Games, Part 1.

My Favorite Parks.  (Actors, not green spaces.)

Seoul City Gates.

The Kings of Kpop.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple: In Photos.

Return Of The 1990’s Kpop Groups?

SM Town COEXartium: In Photos.


The Best Korean Dramas. (So Far This Year.)

A Visit to SUM Market, Gangnam.

Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul.

KBS Studio Tour.

A Look At Hongdae.

Seoul: Megacity.

Thank You.

Neolttwigi: A Korean Seesaw Game.

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.

A Walk Down KStar Road.

Paengi: Korean Spinning Tops.

Korean Tea.

Deconstructing the Kpop Jacket.


The game of Yut.



A few highlights from my recent Korea trip.

Like Dance? Watch Kpop, Part 2.

Like Dance? Watch Kpop.

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Is It The Kdrama Actor?

Archery In Korea.

All Korea Travel Information (E-books)    reblogged post. Very useful.

Happy Anniversary Weekly Idol.

SHINee Shines Bright In Texas.

shinee 051

The Humor In Mud.

Best Kpop Rookie Groups For First Half Of 2016.

A Quick Look Back At The Three Top Male Rookie Groups Of Kpop 2015.

Kpop Musings.

Geune Ttwigi: Korean Rope Swinging.

Alkkagi: A Korean Game.

Got7: Fly in the USA Concert Review.

Seoul: In Photos.

KPOP:What Is It Really All About?

Jegi Chagi: A Korean Hackysack/Shuttlecock Type Game.

Banner Time: Making a Fan Banner for a Kpop Concert.

Hwarang: The Flower Boys of Silla.

Gonggi: Korean Jacks, or Fivestones.

Happy 300th Running Man, part 2.

How to make Ddakji.

Happy 300th Running Man.

Over 800 Hours of Work; The Kpop Jacket.

Fare thee well: Led Apple.

Fare thee Well: LC9 League of Competition

KPOP Credentials

Fare thee Well: Evol.

Feeling Krunk?

First Blog Post – Happy Birthday Daesung


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