Happy 300th Running Man, part 2.

Both parts 1 and 2 focus on the seven members of Running Man against 300 of something. In the first part we see them having to choose an old episode and answer a question about that episode. Then it is them having to write 3,000 Korean syllables over a 300 meter track, followed by trying to beat their VJs in eating 300 dishes. The last mission of part 1 was 7 v 300 boxes of ramen. They had to gather as many boxes as possible and put them on their truck before Bangtan Boys could do the same by putting the boxes on their own truck. Like most Running Man guests BTS were enthusiastic and energetic, with a couple of the members really entering into the spirit of the game.

There were some funny moments during part 1 and I liked the idea of celebrating their 300th show by having the overall 7 v 300 theme, but some of the missions were definitely more entertaining than others. Thank goodness BTS showed up.

As I’ve said before Running man is still my favorite K variety show, but I worry about the future. Some games can become boring when repeated, but some games are classic for a reason, so I was pleased to see that Ddakji would appear in part 2. Ddakji has been a part of multiple episodes and was even the featured game in episode 197. In that episode, broadcast in May 2014, 7 Universities from around the country were pitted against each other in a Ddakji Tournament. The prizes were scholarships and of course school pride was on the line. Each Running Man member could choose 2 students and each school could have 300 students as supporters/cheering squad. The latter part of that episode was quite tense and exciting and I believe did a lot to encourage more people to play Ddakji.

Part 2 did indeed start off with Ddakji, unfortunately and unexpectedly, Yoo jae Suk performed poorly and only beat 3 opponents. Kim Jong Kook competed in Arm Wrestling and did well, beating 52 people. The other team members all took their turns with varied success and eventually lost by 2 people. They managed to beat 298 people which is pretty impressive.

The highlight of the episode for me was the very short pillow fight segment which may go down as one of Running man’s classic moments. Kim Jong Kook v Lee Kwang Soo. in particular were both funny and entertaining, as was HaHa.

The end of the episode was a cross between a hidden treasure type race, although this time they were looking for their personal set of scales, and a name tag race. But the name tag part was 2 unknown people ripping name tags off the players in the dark. This game, although it had potential, was a little weak and the episode didn’t end on a high note. The losers of the race had to walk back down the mountain which is a way did hark back to some of the punishments handed out in the early years, which was cool.

If you aren’t a fan or haven’t watched Running Man may I suggest you watch a couple of episodes and see what you think. And if you are a fan what’s your favorite episode, or game, or even guest? Write in the comments and let me know.


Have a great day everyone.


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