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Stray Kids World Tour District 9 Unlock, Dallas 2020. (lots of photos.)

February 2nd was a big day in the US. It was Superbowl Sunday, Groundhog Day and the day Stray Kids performed for their first time in Dallas, Texas. Admittedly I saw them when they visited Houston last year on their 2019 World Tour, but… Continue Reading “Stray Kids World Tour District 9 Unlock, Dallas 2020. (lots of photos.)”

Seventeen Ode To You Concert Houston, 2020. ( with lots of photos )

I first saw Seventeen perform live at their Diamond Edge Tour stop in Dallas back in 2017 and so I already knew what fantastic performers they are. One of the larger Kpop groups with 13 extremely talented members they had two stops in Texas… Continue Reading “Seventeen Ode To You Concert Houston, 2020. ( with lots of photos )”

Kpop Idols Who Are Also Actors.

There’s actually a very large number of Kpop Idols who have turned to acting either as a light hearted attempt or as a serious vocation. It seems many of the skills they learn as idol trainees prove useful in the field of acting. Knowing… Continue Reading “Kpop Idols Who Are Also Actors.”

The Best Kdramas Of 2019.

The turn of the year seems to always bring the desire to classify things and we end up with a ton of ‘Best Of’ lists. And I guess I’m no different.   I do, however, always have issues with these types of list as… Continue Reading “The Best Kdramas Of 2019.”

A Look Back At My Kpop Year: 2019.

I’ve been a fan of Kpop since 2009 so now that 2019  is over I can truly say I’ve been a fan for a decade. However in the beginning going to concerts was tricky as not many groups came to the US, and even… Continue Reading “A Look Back At My Kpop Year: 2019.”

Kpop Blog Recommendation.

I don’t often recommend other blogs as I’ll admit I’m a bit too busy most of the time to keep up with all the Kpop bloggers. But there’s always an exception. is a wonderful place to read well written and insightful review of all… Continue Reading “Kpop Blog Recommendation.”

Dreamcatcher Concert: Invitation From Nightmare City in Dallas USA.

As my regular readers know I’m more a fan of Kpop boy groups than the girl groups so I tend to go to more boy group concerts. However I’m very happy I decided to go see Dreamcatcher when they came to Dallas. The concert… Continue Reading “Dreamcatcher Concert: Invitation From Nightmare City in Dallas USA.”

The Unique Faces Of Kpop: Part 2.

In Part OneI highlighted ten Kpop idols who stood out to me as having ‘unique’ faces. The kind of face that stands out, the one you immediately notice even when in a group setting. The word unique can mean, ‘being the only one of… Continue Reading “The Unique Faces Of Kpop: Part 2.”

SuperM: We Are The Future, Live In Fort Worth. 2019.

Korean Entertainment company SM is well known for being somewhat fluid with its idol groups, famously mixing them up since 2008 at their SM Town series of concerts, and of course more recently when they deliberately created NCT to be an unnumbered group of… Continue Reading “SuperM: We Are The Future, Live In Fort Worth. 2019.”

Funny, Romantic, Or Scary: The Best Korean Ghost Dramas.

Korean Dramas are well known for their wide variety of subject matter. Within such broad genres such as romance, procedural, or sageuk you will find multiple themes. Many of these deal with the supernatural, alternate universes, time travel, or science fiction such as humanoid… Continue Reading “Funny, Romantic, Or Scary: The Best Korean Ghost Dramas.”