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2019 Kdramas: The Best Ones To Watch Right Now. Part 2.

In Part 1 I very quickly ran out of space to discuss the many Kdramas of 2019 that I considered worth watching. With well over a hundred having been shown so far this year there’s a lot to choose from.     Korean dramas… Continue Reading “2019 Kdramas: The Best Ones To Watch Right Now. Part 2.”

A Wonderful Guide To Kpop Merchandize.

It is not often that I come across a website that I endorse and share with everyone, but today I want to recommend Dominic’s Kpop Merchandize Guide. It is obviously a labor of love and as such is chock full of useful information for Kpop… Continue Reading “A Wonderful Guide To Kpop Merchandize.”

2019 KDramas:The Best Ones To Watch Right Now.

South Korea produces a large number of TV and Cable dramas each year, many of which are never seen outside of Korea. However, thanks to streaming services such as Kocowa, Netflix, Viki and others overseas fans are getting to see far more than they… Continue Reading “2019 KDramas:The Best Ones To Watch Right Now.”

Imfact 1st Meet And Live Tour 2019: In Dallas.

The August heat in Texas is incredibly draining with every single thing taking an extra effort, but even the oppressive temperatures couldn’t keep IFs from coming out to see Imfact at Southside Music Hall in Dallas. With Studio PAV’s line number system for VIPs… Continue Reading “Imfact 1st Meet And Live Tour 2019: In Dallas.”

Monsta X ‘We Are Here Tour’ Texas 2019.

Monsta X, a seven member ‘idol’ group from Korea was formed through a survival type reality show called No Mercy back in 2015. The show was intense and dramatic as it whittled away the contestants until only the best remained. While I’m not particularly… Continue Reading “Monsta X ‘We Are Here Tour’ Texas 2019.”

Black Pink: In Your Area. Fort Worth 2019.

After a harrowing drive north through yet another mega Texas storm I checked into my hotel across the street from the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena around mid afternoon. There were a lot of people outside, some in lines, and some just hanging out,… Continue Reading “Black Pink: In Your Area. Fort Worth 2019.”

NCT 127 Neo City-The Origin Tour, Houston 2019. Thoughts.

2019 has already been a huge year for Kpop in the US, more tours, more groups, more stops, and bigger expenses for fans. But that has left fans with hard choices to make. Very few of us have the time, money and transportation to… Continue Reading “NCT 127 Neo City-The Origin Tour, Houston 2019. Thoughts.”

VAV: Dallas 2019.

VAV’s second visit to Dallas was billed as a ‘Meet and Greet’ but with the exception of stage sets it was pretty much a concert with some crowd interaction and fun bits thrown in from time to time. Backstage breaks and costume changes were… Continue Reading “VAV: Dallas 2019.”

Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? 2010.

I fell in love with Kpop in 2009, which was arguably the best year ever for Kpop. It was a year of so many songs that later became classics. And of some which changed the face and feel of Kpop forever. So a look… Continue Reading “Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? 2010.”

Astro: The 2nd Astroroad Tour 2019.

2019 has already been a very busy year for Texas Kpop fans. This week I travelled up to Dallas to see two different concerts. Ateez was earlier in the week, while on Thursday I attended the Astro concert. Although both groups are ‘Kpop’ there… Continue Reading “Astro: The 2nd Astroroad Tour 2019.”