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SuperM: We Are The Future, Live In Fort Worth. 2019.

Korean Entertainment company SM is well known for being somewhat fluid with its idol groups, famously mixing them up since 2008 at their SM Town series of concerts, and of course more recently when they deliberately created NCT to be an unnumbered group of… Continue Reading “SuperM: We Are The Future, Live In Fort Worth. 2019.”

Imfact 1st Meet And Live Tour 2019: In Dallas.

The August heat in Texas is incredibly draining with every single thing taking an extra effort, but even the oppressive temperatures couldn’t keep IFs from coming out to see Imfact at Southside Music Hall in Dallas. With Studio PAV’s line number system for VIPs… Continue Reading “Imfact 1st Meet And Live Tour 2019: In Dallas.”

Monsta X ‘We Are Here Tour’ Texas 2019.

Monsta X, a seven member ‘idol’ group from Korea was formed through a survival type reality show called No Mercy back in 2015. The show was intense and dramatic as it whittled away the contestants until only the best remained. While I’m not particularly… Continue Reading “Monsta X ‘We Are Here Tour’ Texas 2019.”

Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? 2010.

I fell in love with Kpop in 2009, which was arguably the best year ever for Kpop. It was a year of so many songs that later became classics. And of some which changed the face and feel of Kpop forever. So a look… Continue Reading “Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? 2010.”

Astro: The 2nd Astroroad Tour 2019.

2019 has already been a very busy year for Texas Kpop fans. This week I travelled up to Dallas to see two different concerts. Ateez was earlier in the week, while on Thursday I attended the Astro concert. Although both groups are ‘Kpop’ there… Continue Reading “Astro: The 2nd Astroroad Tour 2019.”

Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.

A sunny spring Sunday saw me set forth to venture north to the Dallas area. The route along the infamous I 35 was bad as usual with much of the time spent at a crawl. Fortunately I got to the Granada Theatre with plenty… Continue Reading “Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.”

How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?

The most obvious way is no doubt on their music video, or maybe on a music show, or a dance practice video. Sometimes they do a double speed version, or even a ‘roller-coaster’ version where the song speeds up and slows down. Recently we’ve… Continue Reading “How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?”

2018 Teen Top Night In Texas.

Texas has seen a lot of Kpop acts come here in 2018, in fact November 11th saw Amber Liu in Dallas on the same night as Teen Top was in Houston. This has meant that many fans have had to make some hard choices… Continue Reading “2018 Teen Top Night In Texas.”

BTS: Love Yourself Tour, Fort Worth.

BTS, arguably the top Kpop group in the world right now, held 2 shows this past weekend in Fort Worth Texas. I was lucky to get tickets to the Sunday night performance as both concerts sold out in minutes. I travelled up to Fort… Continue Reading “BTS: Love Yourself Tour, Fort Worth.”

A Look At Some Of My Favorite Kpop Dance Practice MVs.

Those of you who are on my Facebook page know how much I love dance practice videos, sometimes even more than the official music videos. So today I decided to share some of my favorites. This is by no means a ‘best of’ list,… Continue Reading “A Look At Some Of My Favorite Kpop Dance Practice MVs.”