Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.

A sunny spring Sunday saw me set forth to venture north to the Dallas area. The route along the infamous I 35 was bad as usual with much of the time spent at a crawl. Fortunately I got to the Granada Theatre with plenty of time to spare, plus I managed to snag one of the last parking spaces in the nearest lot.


Riding high on my good fortune I tried to work out the line number entrance order. My Music Taste had given fans numbers and so we each had to find our correct place in line. It was a bit messed up but eventually we got into the right order. I lucked out and ended up with some friendly line buddies.


Although our numbers were in the low 100’s the pit had really started to fill in so we got front row on the second tier which helped out those of us on the shorter side.


The crowd was intense, and the venue was filled to maximum capacity, which may not have been a great idea as many people ended up with a poor or even no view. Texas Kpop fans have a reputation for being among the most fervent, yet they still retain their manners. People mostly kept to the line number system and were well behaved, unlike the debacle at the California stop where Ateez had to leave the stage until the fans calmed down. I even heard that a couple of fans passed out or were hurt.


The Dallas fans sure were loud though. You can hear them in the background of the VLive show they did from backstage. It was a little surreal watching the live video on our phones knowing they were such a short distance away from us.


I just going to comment here for those who follow me, yes I finally got a new phone so got some fairly decent photos………but apparently I still need a bit of practice using it! So all the photos aren’t necessarily in order I just chose to use some I liked.


The show was one of the loudest I’ve ever been to, which is kinda ironic as the microphones didn’t work for a good part of the evening. You could see the boys getting frustrated when their mikes went out. The fans were so happy to be there they took it in their stride, but that definitely needs to be worked on.


Ateez is a new group, as in really new. They made their debut in late October 2018 and they are already on a sold out world tour. They are young, talented and cute, but more than that they have that ‘spark’ or ‘je ne sais quoi’.


That indescribable something that sets them apart is evident as soon as they start performing. It obviously doesn’t hurt that they are affable, and so very likable when they speak, for example one being adorably shy, while another looks on bemused. But in the time it takes to blink they turn on their charismatic charm, and a different performance persona emerges.


They were incredibly enthusiastic about their performance, with dance moves sharp enough cut you. For me their dance and choreography ranks right up there with some of their ‘sunbaenim’. Seeing them perform live was captivating, maybe even mesmerizing. They were fierce, and dynamic, and powerful. They definitely showed off their masculine charms.


Ateez is made up of eight members, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho the apple breaking phenom. They were all born in 1998 and 1999 except for the ‘maknae’ who was born in 2,000.  So they are both new and young, very young, to have a sold out world tour.


Being new meant that they didn’t have enough songs for a full concert of singing, but that didn’t stop the fans from enjoying every moment of the evening. The breaks between sets were filled with the boys interacting with the audience, answering questions and playing games like the random play dance.


The performances of their four most popular songs, Treasure, Pirate King, Say My Name, and Hala Hala almost brought the house down, literally. The screams and yells shook the rafters. The only time the noise level was louder was when the fans wanted the them to yell, ‘Yee Haw’.


Some things I was somewhat surprised by; the intensity of the fans, the number of people they allowed for the hi touch (about 500), the choice of venue, (I like the Granada Theatre, but not when they over pack it, Ateez could have sold out a bigger venue), and how relaxed the boys were. I really believed them when they said they like Dallas, and they seemed genuinely happy to be sharing the evening with us. They told us they would come back and I know there’s a lot of fans determined to be in the audience when they do.

If you get the chance I highly recommend you go check them out.

Have a great day everyone.



All photo credits to me, except for last one which their staff member took. Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation.


IMG_3706 (1)
The American Ahjummas……….don’t mess with them! Having lunch before the concert.


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10 Comments on “Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.

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  2. That’s so cool you had the opportunity to see them. They certainly are becoming quite popular for such a new group. I did look into tickets at a city closest to Toronto but the dates did not work for me. I have yet to travel outside of my area to see a k-pop group. I’m crossing fingers I can make it work with Monsta-X stops in NY. I was bummed their world tour didn’t involve Toronto. I would think they would have no issues selling out here.

    One of the things that attracted me to Ateez is their dance skills and choreography. They certainly are extremely talented in that realm!


    • They were fantastic dancers, powerful too.
      I hope you manage to get Monsta X tickets. I’ll be trying too. And I never know the reasoning why they chose one city over another, unless it is things like comparative venue costs, or venues already booked.

      I’m sat in my hotel and about to head out to see Astro tonight. Texas is getting all the concerts. It now means some aren’t selling out though.


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  4. Honestly, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to see what these boys have in store for the for us.


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