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Korea Guide Book Review: A Curated Guide To Seoul.

Even if you’ve travelled extensively and think you know a place well there’s always those hidden spots that are harder to find than others. In the modern internet driven world it is easy to click and search for the ‘best’ places to visit. But… Continue Reading “Korea Guide Book Review: A Curated Guide To Seoul.”

Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.

Korea has a long and ancient history and many of their customs and traditions go back a long way into the past. The twelve animal deities, called Sibijisin, who make up the Korean zodiac that we see today once played a much more active… Continue Reading “Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.”

South Korea’s Military Conscription Explained.

All Korean males between the ages of 18 and 30 must serve about two years in the Korean military, or longer in some alternate form of approved public service. As of late 2018 the length of service is gradually being lessened. The goal is… Continue Reading “South Korea’s Military Conscription Explained.”

Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival: In Photos.

Every year sometime between mid October and mid November the Jogyesa Temple holds its annual Chrysanthemum Festival. Last year we were lucky to catch it as we hadn’t actually planned it into our schedule. It usually lasts a few weeks so some of the… Continue Reading “Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival: In Photos.”

Huwon: The Secret Garden Of Changdeokgung Palace.

While most first time visitors to Seoul are told to go to Gyeongbokgung, Korea’s main palace, there are actually five main palaces each with something different to offer. The buildings do all have a certain similarity however their surroundings, landscapes, and other aspects make… Continue Reading “Huwon: The Secret Garden Of Changdeokgung Palace.”

My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.

The Korea Hanbok is one of the most beautiful traditional clothing styles found anywhere in the world. Although no longer everyday dress for most Koreans they can still be seen being worn by Koreans on many special occasions such as weddings and national holidays.… Continue Reading “My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.”

Korean Variety Shows: Welcome To Another World.

I spent much of my childhood in various European countries and one of my favorite TV shows, apart from Dr. Who, was It’s A Knockout (1966-1988), called Jeux Sans Frontieres when it caught on in mainland Europe. This might explain why I enjoy Korean… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Shows: Welcome To Another World.”

Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.

I have to admit it took us three visits to Korea before we went to Gyeongju, a mistake I hope other visitors don’t make. Even then we compounded our mistake and tried to see everything in a day trip from Seoul. If a day… Continue Reading “Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.”

Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.

Seoul has a number of wonderful places to visit that were once anything but wonderful; Seonyudo  Park was a water treatment plant, Haneul a landfill, and Seoullo 7017 an elevated highway. So it came as no surprise to me that an old petroleum storage… Continue Reading “Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.”

Common Ground: A Container Shopping Mall In Seoul.

Away from the usual tourist haunts lies an area around Konkuk University (Seoul) that deserves a visit. Known as Kondae it is a less touristy destination very similar to Hongdae with the nightlife to match. We, however, went to visit Common Ground a shopping… Continue Reading “Common Ground: A Container Shopping Mall In Seoul.”