Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.

Seoul has a number of wonderful places to visit that were once anything but wonderful; Seonyudo  Park was a water treatment plant, Haneul a landfill, and Seoullo 7017 an elevated highway. So it came as no surprise to me that an old petroleum storage facility from the 1970’s had been turned into a unique and interesting culture park.


It only opened in September 2017 so it still looks a little new, but it will no doubt look better every year as the landscaping and trees mature.


The official opening ceremony took place in October and since then they have planned festivals, exhibitions, performances, classes, and even markets. As a park and culture space it is about 10 times larger than Seoul Plaza, so it will be perfect for many future events.


There are 6 tanks which can, and will, house various exhibits and events.


One has a cafe which was perfect for a brief break from sightseeing.


Another an outside stage and performance area.


While yet another has been pretty much left untouched.


The whole park has lots of interesting and unique ‘instagramable’ structures against which to pose.


As well as bright splashes of color,

and educational displays, including this lovely insect hotel.


Overall the Oil Tank Culture Park is a perfect example of urban renewal plus ecological sustainability, complete with multiple spaces for cultural events, performances, and exhibits. It was an interesting and pleasant place to stroll around and I look forward to returning in future years to see how it has matured.

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits to Elizabeth and Debora Marzec.

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