Seonyudo Park: In Photos.

Seonyudo Park is located on an island in the Han River, Seoul, S.Korea. It in fact takes up the whole island which means lots of great views across the river in all directions. I don’t know why it took us three visits to Seoul to find this gem, but now it’ll be high on our list for repeat visits, especially at different seasons.


To get across to the island the most scenic way is to cross the Seonyudo Pedestrian Bridge which crosses over a huge multi lane highway as well as part of Yanghwa Hangang Park and the Han River.

We weren’t the only ones stopping on the bridge to take photos as the views were quite lovely.


Once on the island we stayed on the upper decking and strolled to the far side of the island that looked out over Seoul. The observation deck was well stocked with benches and some shade for those who just wanted a scenic place to relax, or have a picnic.


We descended down into the park and found a map which proved useful as we needed an early morning cup of caffeine to kick start our visit. The cafe overlooked the river and the city and was a pleasant break.


Seonyudo Park is built on the former site of a water purification facility and we were interested to see how that had been incorporated into a public park.

cof        IMG_1331

The ground floor level had running water mini canals that surrounded a basement level courtyard garden built within the remains of part of the old water purification plant.

IMG_1332   IMG_1340  IMG_1339

It was a very effective use of the old concrete structure.

cof          IMG_1336

We wandered out into a more open area which showcased various water, bog and marsh plants.

IMG_1341   IMG_1343  cof

This led us towards some buildings which we bypassed as it was such a glorious morning, although we noted an area where the old concrete pillars had been left standing, but were covered in a vining plant. It was very sculptural and a little apocalyptic as it showed nature taking back the space, albeit in a controlled way.


We strolled through a water playground that looked a little sad and deserted since it was already the beginning of Fall. I can see it being extremely popular in the summer.

cof          IMG_1345

The sound of running water drew us to another reused part of the old water purification plant.

cof  cof  cof

And then on into the greenhouse beyond where there was a nice display of an ecological water purification system.


There was also a more typical greenhouse area with cactus and succulents.


As with most large public parks there were some things we missed, or rather saved for a future visit, as well as scheduled activities which seemed to be mostly geared towards children. The park is quite popular especially on weekends. It also stays open late so is popular for sunset and after dark visits to see the city lights. You can get to it easily from Subway line 9, Seonyudo station exit 8. Walk straight until you come to a busy road, look left and you’ll see the pedestrian bridge, walk towards it and cross to get to the island. You can also get to the other end of the island from the Yanghwadaegyo Bridge.

You may recognize the park from multiple Kdramas, notably Boys Over Flowers, and Princess Hours.

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. Photo credits to Elizabeth & Debora Marzec.

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