Namsan Tower, Seoul.

On our first trip to Seoul in the spring of 2015 we, like everyone else does on their first trip, went up to the Namsan Tower. Elizabeth did one of the love locks, and so on this trip we decided to go back and check to see if we could find it. The photos will be a mix from both trips, the one in spring 2015 and one in the fall of 2017.

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We’ve enjoyed all three of our trips to S. Korea and each season has its pluses and minuses. However one of the things you’ll notice about the spring photos is how hazy they are. This is because spring is the worst time of the year for fine dust problems. So if you have allergies or breathing problems you may want to take that into account when planning your visit to S. Korea.


Namsan Tower is on top of a mountain that is within the city of Seoul. This is one of the great things about Seoul. There are multiple mountains and hills inside the city and many have been left as green spaces where numerous Seoulites hike on weekends. On our first trip we took the subway, then walked to the cable car and used it to get up to the tower. You can also hike up the mountain, or take a bus part way.

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On our second visit we walked from Seoullo 7017 Skypark to Namsan Park, which is huge. We walked along the city wall for a ways and through a small portion of the park before cutting through to the cable car.

IMG_1760    24909941_10210671758820659_3504261636214522680_n

One day I will walk all the way up….probably…well maybe.

24993252_10210671758220644_2143982933562173016_n (1)

One of the main things that Namsan Tower is famous for, apart from being the highest point in Seoul, are the ‘locks of love’. Many places in the world do the same thing, but perhaps non are in such a spectacular setting.

11168025_10204113761194817_5202034585167354174_n (1)   11168458_10204113756034688_2971256897432398811_n  11110763_10204113760314795_8871005126434839750_n

Once off the cable car we headed to where Elizabeth had put her ‘lock’, and it wasn’t there.

18219_10204113800395797_6748531236096712647_n                 24862656_10210671760740707_3046192946246762294_n

They had cleared out all the locks and we have no idea what happens to them. So somewhat disappointed she decide to try again and bought another lock and placed it in a different area. Hopefully this one will survive until we return again. (We took multiple photos on each visit to make sure we can go to exactly the right place.)

Feeling like a drink was in order we headed to the tower itself for lunch and a drink. There are multiple places to eat at the top of the mountain, some are tucked away in a mini mall type space, but we always eat in the tower itself. Our first trip we chose the cheaper option and then on the second trip we decided on having a better view so went to a slightly fancier restaurant.

24862618_10210671767940887_1291163400146112741_n           24852409_10210671769300921_3978118586696287119_n

The food was delicious and the view amazing, even though it was a bit hazy. We could even see the Lotte World Tower in the distance, which is currently the 5th tallest building in the world.


On our first visit we checked out some of the things inside the tower itself and found the post office where you can write and send a love letter.


And a restroom with probably the best view ever.


Many people head up to Namsan Tower to catch the sunset, so just be aware that the lines for the cable car can be longer just before sunset. Also check the weather and visibility. Like many big cities the sky can be hazy at times, making photography a little difficult.  I hope you find time to visit Namsan Tower on your next trip to Korea.

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation.

All photo credits to Elizabeth and Debora Marzec.

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