Haneul Park: In Photos.

Haneul Park, opened in 2002, is one of five parks that make up World Cup Park. The recently opened Oil Tank Culture Park could almost be considered a 6th as it is very close by.


Haneul is probably the one favored by most people particularly during the Annual Silver Grass Festival.


World Cup Park includes Pyeonghwa (Peace Park), Noeul (Sunset Park), Nanjicheon, Nanji Hangang, as well as Haneul, (Sky Park). The parks are located near the World Cup Stadium.


Built on what was once a massive landfill (estimated 92 million tons of garbage) Haneul Park is a now a stellar example of urban enrichment and ecological regeneration. It also collects the gas from the deeply buried garbage and turns it into useable gas. So beauty and practicality all in one.


Each of the 5 parks has a theme, or focus, and for Haneul it is native grasses and wildflowers. Attractive at any time of the year it is the most stunning in the Fall when the Eulalias bloom.

To get to the park you can choose either the 291 steps or a people mover trolley type thing. Not to be outdone by toddlers or grandmothers we climbed the steps. Thankfully there were platforms every now and again where you could rest or just stop to take photos of the incredible views.

Once at the top there’s a shaded walkway that leads to the road up the hill to the top. Yeah, we thought we were done once we’d climbed the steps!  The road is the one that the trolley follows, and which we walked back down. But by following the road you miss a lot of the views. So either up or down I recommend the steps. Once at the top there’s a very pretty entrance area.

Then you are in among the cosmos


and the silver grasses. Rope pathways lead you through and around.


The grasses are tall, way taller than me or my daughter (pictured) and it was fun getting lost following the paths deep into the vastness of the fields.

There were numerous lookout spots along the edges of the park showcasing amazing views of the Han River, World Cup Stadium, and on a clear day, Downtown Seoul. There were also restrooms available in a few places. There was also a lookout tower in the middle of the fields to show you what the fields looked like from above.

Once a little away from the main silver grass areas there were fields, and areas of other flowers. There were also areas for resting and for picnics.


There were numerous informational signs to help educate everyone, and since many of them were also in English, we learned a lot.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and were a little sad that we hadn’t thought to take a picnic. We also should have planned to visit later in the day so we could see the city lights at night. Haneul Park is only open at night during the Festival so we were foolish to miss our chance.

Have a great day everyone.

You might also enjoy Bongeunsa Temple,   Yeomiji Botanic Gardens: In Photos,   and Seoul City Gates.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits to Elizabeth and Debora Marzec.

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