List of 2017 Kdramas. Just A List.

I don’t think people realize just how many Kdramas are shown on Korean TV so here’s a list of those I could find for 2017. Warning, it is a long list. How many have you watched?  I’ve highlighted all those I’ve watched in their entirety in bold, and partially watched in italics.  You can see there were a lot I started watching. About half of those I gave up on, the others I’ll probably complete.

I don’t watch the really long dramas, plus some of these aren’t easily available for people outside Korea, therefore I’ve only listed the main actors for those I think people are most likely to have watched. Note also that different titles show up for the same drama so if you can’t find a particular drama on this list I may have used one of its different names.

From MBC.

  1. Always Spring.
  2. Teacher Oh Soon Nam.
  3. Backflow.
  4. Person Who Gives Happiness.
  5. Return Of Bok Dan Ji.
  6. Enemies From The Past.
  7. Golden Pouch.
  8. All Kinds Of Daughters-in-Law.
  9. Night Light.  (Lee Yo Won. Jin Goo. Uee.)
  10. Rebel: The Thief Who Stole The People.  (Yoon Gyun Sang. Chae Soo Bin.)
  11. Lookout.  (Lee Si Young. Kim Young Kwang. Key.)
  12. The King Loves. (Siwan. Yoona. Hong Jong Hyun.)
  13. 20th. Century Boy & Girl.  (Kim Ji Suk. Han Ye Seul. Lee Sang Woo.)
  14. Two Cops.  (Cho Jung Seok. Hyeri. Kim Sun Ho.)
  15. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. (Lee Sung Kyung. Nam Joo Hyuk.)
  16. Missing 9.  (Jung Kyoung Ho. Baek Jin Hee. Chanyeol.)
  17. Radiant Office.  (Ko Ah Sung. Ha Seok Jin. Lee Dong Hwi. Hoya.)
  18. Ruler: Master Of The Mask.  (Yoo Seung Ho. Kim So Hyun. L.)
  19. Man Who Dies To Live.
  20. Hospital Ship.  ( Ha Ji Won. Kang Min Hyuk. Lee Seo Won.)
  21. I Am Not A Robot.  (Yoo Seung Ho. Chae Soo Bin.)
  22. Star Of The Universe. (Suho. Ji Woo.)
  23. Romance Full Of Life.  (Yoon Si Yoon.Jo Soo Hyang.)
  24. Queen Of The Ring.  (Kim Seul Gi. Ahn Hyo Seop.)
  25. Borg Mom.  (Yang Dong Guen. Park Han Byul.)
  26. Blow Breeze.
  27. You Are Too Much.
  28. Man Who Sets The Table.
  29. Father I’ll Take Care Of You. (Kim Jae Won. Park Eun Bin,)
  30. Bad Thief, Good Thief.  (Ji Hyun Woo. Seohyun.)
  31. Money Flower.  (Jang Hyuk. Park Se Young.)


From KBS1.

  1. The Shining Eun Soo.
  2. The Rose Of Sharon Has Bloomed.
  3. Love Returns.
  4. Andante.  (Kai. Lee Ye Hyun. Kim Jin Kyung. Baek Chul Min.)


From KBS2.

  1. That Sun In The Sky.  (Kang In Kyung.)
  2. Sea Of The Woman.
  3. Dal Soon’s Spring.
  4. First Love Again.
  5. Nameless Woman.
  6. The Secret Of My Love.
  7. Hwarang: The Beginning.  (Park Seo Joon. Park Hyun Sik. Go Ara. Kim Tae Hyun.)
  8. Perfect Wife.  (Ko So Young. Yoon Sang Hyun.)
  9. Individualist Ms Ji Young.  (Min Hyo Rin, Gong Myung.)
  10. Fight For My Way.  (Park Seo Joon. Kim Ji Won.)
  11. School 2017.  (Kim Se Jeong. Kim Jung Hyun.)
  12. Girl’s Generation 1979.  (Lee Jung Hee. Jung Hye Joo.)
  13. Witches Court.  (Jung Ryeo Won. Yoon Hyun Min.)
  14. Jugglers.  (Baek Jin Hee. Daniel Choi. Lee Won Geun.)
  15. Oh My Geum Bi.  (Heo Jung Eun. Oh Ji Ho.)
  16. Naked Fireman.  (Lee Joon Hyuk. Jung In Sun.)
  17. Chief Kim.  (Nam Goong Min. Nam Sang Mi. Lee Joon Ho.)
  18. Queen Of Mystery. (Choi Gang He. Kwon Sang Woo. Lee Won Geun.)
  19. Queen For 7 Days.  (Pak Min Young. Yeon Woo Jin. Lee Dong Gun.)
  20. Manhole.  (Kim Jae Joong. Uee. Baro.)
  21. Mad Dog.  (Yoo Ji Tae. Woo Do Hwan. Ryu Hwa Young.)
  22. The Black Knight.  (Kim Rae Won. Shin Se Kyung.)
  23. The Best Hit.  (Yoon Si Yoon. Lee Si Young. Kim Min Jae. Cha Tae Hyun.)
  24. Strongest Deliveryman.  (Ko Gyung Pyo. Chae Soo Bin.)
  25. Go Back Couple.  (Jang Na Ra. Son Hon Jun.)
  26. Laurel Tree Tailors.  (Lee Dong Gun. Jo Yoon Hee. Cha In Pyo.)
  27. Father Is Strange.  (Lee Joon.)
  28. My Golden Life.  (Park Si Hoo.)
  29. Drama Special 2017.


From SBS.

  1. I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo.
  2. Sweet Enemy.
  3. Happy Sisters.
  4. Love Is Drop By Drop.
  5. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. (Han Suk Kye. Yoo Yeon Seok. Seo Hyun Jin.)
  6. Defendant.  (Ji Sung. Uhm Ki Joon. Kwon Yuri.)
  7. Whisper.  (Lee Bo Young. Lee Sang Yoon. Kwon Yul.)
  8. My Sassy Girl.  (Joo Won. Lee Jung Shin. Oh Yeon Seo.)
  9. Falsify.  (Namgung Min. Yu Jun Sang. Uhm Ji Won.)
  10. Temperature Of Love.  (Seo Hyun Jin. Yang Se Jong.)
  11. Super Family.
  12. Legend Of The Blue Sea.  (Jun Ji Hyun. Lee Min Ho.)
  13. Saimdang, Light’s Diary.  (Lee Young Ae. Song Seung Heon.)
  14. Suspicious Partner.  (Ji Chang Wook. Nam Ji Hyun.)
  15. Reunited Worlds.  (Yeo Jin Goo. Lee Yeon Hee.)
  16. While You Were Sleeping.  (Lee Jong Suk. Bae Suzy.)
  17. Judge V Judge.  (Park Eun Bin. Yeon Won Jin.)
  18. Our Gab Soon.  (Kim So Eun. Song Jae Rim.)
  19. Unni Is Alive. ((Jang Seo Hee. Oh Yoon Ah.)
  20. Bravo My Life.  (Jung Yoo Mi. Yeon Jeong Hun.)
  21. Wednesday 3:30 pm.  (Lee Hong Bin. Jin Ki Joo.)


MBC, KBS and SBS are the main TV content providers in Korea. They are free and usually have higher viewership ratings for their shows, but Cable is catching up fast. Some of the biggest dramas of the past couple of years have been on Cable. The powerhouse Cable company right now is :-


  1. Because This Is My First Life.  (Lee Min Ki. Jung So Min.)
  2. Rude Miss Young-Ae 16.
  3. Rude Miss Young-Ae 15.
  4. My Shy Boss. (Yeon Woo Jin. Park Hye Soo. Yoon Park.)
  5. The Liar And His Lover.  (Lee Hyun Woo. Joy. Lee Seo Won.)
  6. Circle. Two Worlds Connected.  (Yeo Jin Goo. Kong Seung Yeon. Lee Gi Kwang.)
  7. Bride Of The Water God.  (Nam Joo Hyuk. Shin Se Kyung. Lim Ju Hwan.
  8. Argon. (Kim Ju Hyeok. Chun Woo Hee.)
  9. Avengers Social Club.  (Lee Yo Won. Ra Mi Ran.)
  10. Prison Playbook.  (Park Hae Soo. Jung Kyung Ho.)
  11. Criminal Minds.  (Lee Joon Gi. Son Hyun Joo.)
  12. Goblin.  (Gong Yoo. Kim Go Eun. Lee Dong Wook. Yoo In Na. Yook Sung Jae.)
  13. Tomorrow With You.  (Shin Min A. Lee Je Hoon.)
  14. Chicago Typewriter.  (Yoo Ah In. Lim Soo Jung. Ko Kyung Pyo.)
  15. Forest Of Secrets.  (Cho Seung Woo. Bae Doo Na,)
  16. Deserving Of The Name.  (Kim Nam Gil. Kim A Joong.)
  17. Revolutionary Love.  (Choi Si Won. Kang So Ra. Gong Myung.)
  18. The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World.
  19. Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey.  (Lee Seung Gi. Cha Seung Won. Oh Yeon Seo. Lee Hong Ki.)
  20. Drama Stage. An open series to scout talented new writers.



  1. My Secret Romance.  (Sung Hoon. Song Ji Eun. Kim Jae Young.)
  2. Meloholic.  (UKnow Yunho. Kyung Soo Jin.)
  3. Voice.  (Jang Hyuk. Lee Ha Na. Yesung.)
  4. Tunnel. (Choi Jin Hyuk. Yoon Hyun Min. Lee Yoo Young.)
  5. Duel.  (Jung Jae Young. Kim Jung Eun. Yang Se Jong.)
  6. Save Me.  (Taecyeon. Seo Ye Si. Woo Do Hwan.)
  7. Black.  (Song Seung Heon. Go Ara.)
  8. Bad Guys: City Of Evil.  (Park Joong Hoon. Ji Soo.)


  1. Just Between Lovers.  (Lee Joon Ho. Won Jin A.)
  2. Solomon’s Perjury.  (Kim Hyun Soo. Jang Dong Yoon. Seo Ji Hoon.)
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  (Park Bo Young. Park Hyung Sik. Ji Soo.)
  4. Man To Man.  (Park Hae Jin. Park Sung Woong. Kim Min Jung.)
  5. Woman Of Dignity.  (Kim Hee Seon. Kim Sun A.)
  6. Age Of Youth 2.  (Han Ye Ri. Han Seung Yeon. Park Eun Bin.)
  7. The Package.  (Lee Heon Hee. Jung Yong Hwa. Choi Woo Sik.)
  8. Untouchable.  (Jin Goo. Kim Sung Kyun.)
  9. Han Yeo Reum’s Memory.  (Choi Gang Hee. Lee Joon Hyuk.)


  1. Single Wife.  (Uhm Hyun Kyung. Sung Hyuk.)

On Style.

  1. Oh! Dear Half Basement Goddesses. (Cha Jung Won. Park So Jin.)


  1. Smashing On Your Back. (Park Young Gyu. Julian Quintart.)


And then there are webcasts. Naver being the most popular but also JTBC, Youtube, Viki, Netflix and Oksusu are represented.

  1. I’m Not A Girl Anymore.  (Park Kyung Ri.)
  2. Seven First Kisses.  (Lee Cho Hee Choi Ji Woo. Lee Joon Ki. Park Hae Jin. Ji Chang Wook. Kai. Taecyeon. Lee Jong Suk. Lee Min Ho.)
  3. Oppa Is Missing.  (Chang Jo. Hyemi.)
  4. Ruby Ruby Love. (Seo Hyun.)
  5. 109 Unusual Things Have Happened.  (Choi Tae Joon.)
  6. Love Playlist.  (Kim Hyung Suk. Jung Shin Hye.)
  7. Love Playlist 2.  (Kim Hyung Suk. Jung Shin Hye.)
  8. Idol Fever.  (Choi Yoo Jung. Kim Do Yun.)
  9. Humanitarian Supermarket.
  10. I Am.  (Jun Chae Yun.)
  11. Bad Boy Detective.  (Kim Nam Joo. Ahn Hyung Sup. Yoo Sun Ho.)
  12. The Blue Sea. (Jung Ye In. Jo Ki Sung.)
  13. Last Minute Romance.  (Hang Seung Yeon. Lee Seo Won.)
  14. Goblin’s Light.  (Kim San. Jo So Jin.)
  15. The Boy Next Door. (Choi Woo Sik. Jang Ki Yong.)
  16. Trace Of The Hand. (Ryu Hwa Young. Shin Jae Ha.)
  17. People You May Know.  (Choi Soo Young. Lee Won Geun.)
  18. Hip Hop Teacher.  (Lee Joo Young. Yoo Ra.)
  19. Somehow 18.  (Choi min Ho. Lee Yoo Bi.)
  20. Magic School.  (Park Jin Young. Nichkhun.)
  21. Girl’s War.  (Ryu Hwa Young.)
  22. Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe. (Ryu Hwa Young.)
  23. My Only Love Song.  (Lee Jong Hyun. Gong Seung Yun.)
  24. Temporary Idols. ( Lee Soo Hyun. Kim Min Kyo.)
  25. Revenge Note.  (Kim Hyang Gi. Kim Hwan Hee.)


So I think that adds up to about 150 possible Kdramas, in one form or another, for 2017. As for me I managed to completely watch 24, and then there were quite a few I got part way through, or are not yet finished airing, so the total number will probably go up by at least a couple more for me.

How many have you watched? Which was your favorite? To see mine you can check out The Best Kdramas of 2017? Part 1 & Part 2. You might also enjoy Korean Actors Who Were Athletes First  and  Easy On The Eyes: Korean Models Turned Actors.

Have a great day everyone.


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