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Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.

Korea has a long and ancient history and many of their customs and traditions go back a long way into the past. The twelve animal deities, called Sibijisin, who make up the Korean zodiac that we see today once played a much more active… Continue Reading “Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.”

Silla: Korea’s Kingdom of Gold.

Throughout world history there have been civilizations, such as the Scythians, the Aztecs and the Asante who were known for their gold, but another should be added to that list. The Korean Kingdom of Silla which existed from 37 BCE – 668 CE as… Continue Reading “Silla: Korea’s Kingdom of Gold.”

A Korean Folk Village: In Photos.

There’s more than one Folk Village in Korea, but they don’t always have obviously different names, so it can be a little confusing when looking online. The one we’ve been to a couple of times is about 12 miles from Suwon in Gyeonggi-Do province.… Continue Reading “A Korean Folk Village: In Photos.”

Horse Related Artifacts At Gyeongju National Museum.

A while ago I wrote a couple of horse related articles, Horseback Archery In Korea, and The Horses Of Jeju. They generated some interest with equine history enthusiasts and I promised to add anything else horse related that I discovered while in Korea. Originally… Continue Reading “Horse Related Artifacts At Gyeongju National Museum.”

Changdeokgung Palace: In Photos.

There are five main palaces in Seoul which are all worth visiting, with Gyeongbokgung being the most popular. However, like King Seongjong (ruled 1469 CE- 1494 CE ) I have a great fondness for Changdeokgung Palace. He said “Although Gyeongbokgung is magnificent and splendid,… Continue Reading “Changdeokgung Palace: In Photos.”

Wolji Pond At Night: In Photos.

In 674 CE King Munmu, of the Silla Kingdom, had a pleasure garden built for his enjoyment. The ‘park of the moon’ had multiple buildings, lakes and gardens. Unfortunately it burned down in 935 CE and was forgotten. In 1974 it was rediscovered and… Continue Reading “Wolji Pond At Night: In Photos.”

Seokguram Grotto.

One of the most exquisite pieces of Buddhist art in the world lies tucked away in the Mountains near Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju, S.Korea. Seokguram Grotto is technically recognized as being part of the Bulguksa Temple complex even though it is situated over two miles… Continue Reading “Seokguram Grotto.”

Bulguksa Temple: In Photos.

Bulguksa temple is classified by the Korean Government as “historic and scenic site no 1” which in many ways means that if you visit only one site in Korea it should be this one. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage site and contains… Continue Reading “Bulguksa Temple: In Photos.”

Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.

I have to admit it took us three visits to Korea before we went to Gyeongju, a mistake I hope other visitors don’t make. Even then we compounded our mistake and tried to see everything in a day trip from Seoul. If a day… Continue Reading “Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.”

Hwaseong Fortress: In Photos.

A short train trip from Seoul to Suwon takes you to a couple of interesting places. The Folk Village and Hwaseong Fortress are the main reasons to visit, but there’s also a palace, traditional markets, and good food. The area is known for ‘galbi.’ … Continue Reading “Hwaseong Fortress: In Photos.”