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Kimchi Pots: In Photos.

Kimchi, the national dish of Korea, dates back many centuries and basically is fermented vegetables seasoned with various herbs, spices, and other ingredients. This means that Kimchi comes in many more varieties than one might imagine, and that each household would need pots of… Continue Reading “Kimchi Pots: In Photos.”

The Birth Of Korean Cool. (Book Review.)

Many of us interested in the culture and history of S.Korea first look for books that are what some would call ‘quick reads’. We might have started out with a love of Korean Dramas, Kpop, or food, but then we quickly become intrigued by… Continue Reading “The Birth Of Korean Cool. (Book Review.)”

Yongyeon Pond: In Photos.

Jeju Island is well known for its stunning natural scenery being a World Heritage Site, and each year many foreign and domestic visitors head to the island for a vacation, or honeymoon in many cases. In the first 5 months of 2016 over 5… Continue Reading “Yongyeon Pond: In Photos.”

What’s Your Sign? Your Horoscope in Korea part 2.

 ( Updated for 2021, plus Part 1 can be found here. ) There are many websites online that will explain each year of the Chinese zodiac system, however some can be quite complex, so I’ve come up with simplified list for a few of… Continue Reading “What’s Your Sign? Your Horoscope in Korea part 2.”

Your Horoscope In Korea?

( Updated and revised for 2021 The Year Of The Ox. ) While many Koreans, especially the younger ones, know about the zodiac we use in the west, you know the one with Capricorn, Taurus etc. they are more likely to follow the Chinese… Continue Reading “Your Horoscope In Korea?”

Seollal: Korean New Year.

  Updated December 2019. It’s December 2019 and most of us are looking forward to the holidays. New Year is but a a couple of weeks away for those of us in the West who follow what is called the Gregorian calendar, but for… Continue Reading “Seollal: Korean New Year.”

Juryeonggu: A 14 Sided Die From The Golden Age Of Silla.

  During an archaeological dig in 1975 a 14 sided die was uncovered in a pleasure pond used by royalty of the Unified Silla Period. (about 668 to 935 AD.) The wooden die was unusual in that not only were the sides made up… Continue Reading “Juryeonggu: A 14 Sided Die From The Golden Age Of Silla.”

Goblin, Guardian, or God?

  If you enjoy Korean dramas you would have to have been living under a rock to have missed the hype for the drama, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. As of now only 4 of 16 episodes have been released and the response… Continue Reading “Goblin, Guardian, or God?”

Horseback Archery In Korea: A Traditional Sport.

  Over the past couple of decades archery from the back of a horse has seen a revival as a sport and recreational activity. Countries all around the world, both those with and without a tradition of the practice, have started holding competitions and… Continue Reading “Horseback Archery In Korea: A Traditional Sport.”

Baduk, the Korean Game of Weiqi, or Go.

Like many people, the first time I ever heard people talk about this ancient game they called it Go and said it was Japanese, but that’s not quite true. Japan has had a huge influence on the game, but they did not invent it.… Continue Reading “Baduk, the Korean Game of Weiqi, or Go.”