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Kpop Idols Who Are Also Actors.

There’s actually a very large number of Kpop Idols who have turned to acting either as a light hearted attempt or as a serious vocation. It seems many of the skills they learn as idol trainees prove useful in the field of acting. Knowing… Continue Reading “Kpop Idols Who Are Also Actors.”

The Best Kdramas Of 2019.

The turn of the year seems to always bring the desire to classify things and we end up with a ton of ‘Best Of’ lists. And I guess I’m no different.   I do, however, always have issues with these types of list as… Continue Reading “The Best Kdramas Of 2019.”

Funny, Romantic, Or Scary: The Best Korean Ghost Dramas.

Korean Dramas are well known for their wide variety of subject matter. Within such broad genres such as romance, procedural, or sageuk you will find multiple themes. Many of these deal with the supernatural, alternate universes, time travel, or science fiction such as humanoid… Continue Reading “Funny, Romantic, Or Scary: The Best Korean Ghost Dramas.”

2019 Kdramas: The Best Ones To Watch Right Now. Part 2.

In Part 1 I very quickly ran out of space to discuss the many Kdramas of 2019 that I considered worth watching. With well over a hundred having been shown so far this year there’s a lot to choose from.     Korean dramas… Continue Reading “2019 Kdramas: The Best Ones To Watch Right Now. Part 2.”

2019 KDramas:The Best Ones To Watch Right Now.

South Korea produces a large number of TV and Cable dramas each year, many of which are never seen outside of Korea. However, thanks to streaming services such as Kocowa, Netflix, Viki and others overseas fans are getting to see far more than they… Continue Reading “2019 KDramas:The Best Ones To Watch Right Now.”

My Favorite Kdramas Of 2018.

Ever year Korea produces between 140 and 150 dramas for TV and Cable. Not all of these are easily accessible to the overseas fan, although the export of Korean content has been improving more and more each year. We did take a hit, however,… Continue Reading “My Favorite Kdramas Of 2018.”

The Best Kdramas of 2017? Part 2.

I’m going to assume you’ve read part 1, and The Best Kdramas So Far This Year, 2017  so I’m going to jump right in with my next 3 choices. I almost missed out on Chief Kim, also known as Good Manager, which would have been a… Continue Reading “The Best Kdramas of 2017? Part 2.”

The Best Kdramas Of 2017? Part 1.

    Making lists of the best of things are always problematic. There’s so many different ways to measure things, and only a few of those are even somewhat objective. For example even if I use the ratings for Korean households watching a particular kdrama… Continue Reading “The Best Kdramas Of 2017? Part 1.”

Should You Be Watching Kocowa?

       (This is an older post and it has lost some relevance due to the sudden and recent demise of Drama Fever, however much of the content is still relevant. In some ways Drama Fever was already on a downhill slide when I… Continue Reading “Should You Be Watching Kocowa?”

Korean Actors Who Were Athletes First.

The idea of casting athletes in movies goes back almost to the beginnings of cinema. Johnny Weissmuller who was one of the top competitive swimmers in the 1920’s gained even more fame for being one of the early film Tarzans. Esther Williams, another swimmer… Continue Reading “Korean Actors Who Were Athletes First.”