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Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment. Part 2.

Running Man, one of the most challenging of Korean variety shows, is also known for some fairly intense punishments, although sometimes the actual games themselves turn out to be far more grueling than the actual penalties and punishments. Any time the games are played… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment. Part 2.”

Korean Public And Street Art: In Photos.

Koreans have a heritage of creating art that dates back thousands of years, so it is not surprising that they are still doing so. Art museums and galleries showcase some outstanding collections, but art also needs to be accessible in the daily routine of… Continue Reading “Korean Public And Street Art: In Photos.”

Pets In Korea: And Some Of The Idols Who Own One.

Updated January 2019.   There’s a lot to be said about the pleasure one gets from seeing handsome and attractive young Korean idols and actors interact with their beloved pets. The internet is filled with such photos and many celebrity pets even have their… Continue Reading “Pets In Korea: And Some Of The Idols Who Own One.”

The National Treasures of S. Korea.

Some countries, such as S. Korea and Japan have designated lists of ‘National Treasures’, to include both physical, or tangible, artifacts like palaces, sculptures and artworks, as well as living, or intangible treasures, such as people and traditional festivals. I have always liked this… Continue Reading “The National Treasures of S. Korea.”

Banpo Rainbow Bridge, Seoul.

The Banpo Bridge which crosses the Han River in Seoul lights up with an amazing display of shooting water fountains, music and lights about four to six times a day from the months of April through October. Although fun to watch at any time,… Continue Reading “Banpo Rainbow Bridge, Seoul.”

Hwacha: A Korean ‘Rocket Arrow’ Launcher.

While traveling around Korea to museums, and historic buildings such as palaces, it is fairly common to see these wooden handcarts. These are known as hwacha and along with the missiles they fired they were instrumental in protecting Korea from pirates and foreign invasions… Continue Reading “Hwacha: A Korean ‘Rocket Arrow’ Launcher.”

Seoul Forest Park: In Photos.

Like many great cities Seoul has multiple public green spaces and parks, one of which, Seoul Forest Park, can in numerous ways be equated to Hyde Park in London, or Central Park in New York. It is a large green area within the densely… Continue Reading “Seoul Forest Park: In Photos.”

Juldarigi: An Extreme Form Of Korean Tug Of War.

     Tug of War is among the most ancient of games and no doubt developed independently in multiple places around the world. It is a game that probably arose quite naturally as it is instinctive to hold onto something you want when someone tries… Continue Reading “Juldarigi: An Extreme Form Of Korean Tug Of War.”

Cats And Dogs: Animal Cafes In Seoul.

Seoul is a city of cafes, in fact it is said there are more cafes in Seoul than in any other city in the world. Therefore in order to stand out many have come up with themes to try and capture the attention of… Continue Reading “Cats And Dogs: Animal Cafes In Seoul.”

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 5.

  I’ve talked about lots of games in past posts, but with the large number of Korean shows that feature games I’m guessing I’ll be writing quite a few more. Dangyunhaji.  I thought I’d start off today with an older game that sees an… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games, Part 5.”