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Korean Innovations: The Internet Cafe.

Just a quick note for today. Although you will find differing opinions it seems to me that The Electronic Cafe in Seoul, S. Korea was in fact the first ever internet cafe. It was just across from Hongik University and had 2 computers connected… Continue Reading “Korean Innovations: The Internet Cafe.”

Korean Innovations: The Heated Greenhouse.

I love watching Korean dramas, being awed by the costumes and sets.Sometimes I see something in a Sageuk and wonder if it was real, or just something that was just added to the script. This recently occurred when I saw a heated greenhouse full… Continue Reading “Korean Innovations: The Heated Greenhouse.”

Too Many Zucchini…Time to make Kimchi.

Here in Texas we’ve been having an unusual amount of rain for the time of year, and this has led to an overabundance of zucchini, even though I only have 2 plants. Not being a huge fan of zucchini as a stand alone vegetable,… Continue Reading “Too Many Zucchini…Time to make Kimchi.”

Korea’s Greatest Hero.

    Historically there have been three great naval admirals in the history of the world, the Englishman Admiral Lord Nelson, the Japanese Admiral Togo, and perhaps greatest of all, the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Shin. All three defended their home countries from foreign invaders… Continue Reading “Korea’s Greatest Hero.”


Tuho is a traditional Korean game that came from China centuries ago where it was called Touhu or Pitch Pot. It was also played in Japan. The aim of the game is very simple, you must toss arrows into a special pot, although it… Continue Reading “Tuho.”

Kimchi Fries.

It was a wet Mother’s Day in Austin, Texas and we were beginning to feel the bite of hunger gnawing at us. A quick check with Siri led us to Chi’lantro, a Korean fusion restaurant famous for its Kimchi Fries. Chi’lantro was originally a… Continue Reading “Kimchi Fries.”

The game of Yut.

If you’ve ever watched any Kdramas, or Kvariety shows, you’ve probably seen games played from time to time. Playing and competing seem to be inherent in the nature of many Koreans. Play hard and to the best of one’s ability and take your losses… Continue Reading “The game of Yut.”

A Korean Restaurant in Disguise.

While visiting the far northside of San Antonio we came across a restaurant called Sushi Express, hardly the name of a top notch Korean restaurant, but don’t be fooled by the name. Once inside there are two menus, one of which is for Korean… Continue Reading “A Korean Restaurant in Disguise.”