Korean Variety Show Games, Part 5.


I’ve talked about lots of games in past posts, but with the large number of Korean shows that feature games I’m guessing I’ll be writing quite a few more.


I thought I’d start off today with an older game that sees an increase in popularity from time to time. I  read somewhere that this was once a traditional game and was played in the Joseon era by the Yangban class as a way to judge someone’s personality.  By seeing how they reacted to the questions posed to them you could gain insight into their temperament. It was meant to test their honor, integrity, and unflappability. And that a clever player could sometimes trick an unwary opponent into disclosing a revealing answer. Who knows if that is true, but the game of Dangyunhaji, known in English as “of course”, can definitely test a player’s character.

Although a relatively easy game, one player asks a question, the other must reply ‘of course’ or forfeit the game, it is more involved than that, in that one must choose each question carefully to try and test your opponent’s mettle. It is often the most fun to watch when players know each other and can ask probing questions. Dangyunhaji was very popular on the KVariety show X-Man and there are lots of clips showing them play the game on Youtube. Kpop groups such as BTS  KNK, and Lovlyz, plus individuals like Jackson from Got7 can also be found playing this game with varying degrees of success.


Chopsticks Games.

Another game seen in the older variety shows involves the snapping of chopsticks in half with your butt.

Image result for breaking chopsticks

Beginners should start off playing this game with only a couple of chopsticks, not the bundle shown in Junho, of 2pm’s, butt. Wooden chopsticks are tied together and then a strong piece of  cloth is threaded between the legs and attached to a branch, dowel, or broomstick handle. The branch is then pushed either forward or upward until the chopsticks break. This, as can be imagined, is an uncomfortable game to play and yet it is still played on variety shows from time to time.


Another chopstick breaking game that is seen from time to time uses 2 chopsticks threaded through your fingers and then slammed onto a hard surface such as a table or knee. I actually don’t really recommend anyone try this one at home as it looks quite painful.

A chopstick game that is more my speed is using them to move a specific number of small objects like dried beans from one bowl to another in the shortest amount of time. This actually can prove to be quite an entertaining  party game.

Image result for breaking chopsticks game

Or you can play a version where there is a pile of beans, or something similar, and multiple people compete to see who can pick up the most and place them in their container. I’ve seen this version played in the US using mini marshmallows. I play with different items that score different amounts of points.

FullSizeRender (3)


Or you can use chopsticks to stack small items like wooden blocks, to see who can stack the most.


Giant chopsticks appear from time to time and it is always funny seeing the players trying to use them.

And more recently to eat with.


I’m quite sure there’s other games that can be played with chopsticks. Which is your favorite? You can let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day everyone.

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