How Many Kpop Idols/Groups Have I Actually Seen Perform Live?

When people see the Kpopjacket they often ask have I seen every idol/group that is represented on the jacket and the answer is, not yet! Sometime I sewed a patch because I liked a particular group, or even because they have a cool or interesting logo.



But I have seen a lot of Korean singers and musicians, even if some may be borderline Kpop. Other times I may not have seen the whole group, but just an individual or a subunit. I saw, and chatted with, Brad Moore of Busker Busker fame a couple of weeks ago when he performed with Big Phony at SXSW.


My count therefore stands at around 60, from big names like Big Bang, SHINee, and BTS, to less well known such as Hoody, and Baek Ji Young. Some were huge concerts while others were at Music Shows or Fanmeets.


Showcases such as MCountdown and SXSW allowed me to see multiple artists in one show. The same I guess is true for the evening concerts at KCONs, so not counting those, and fanmeets, I’ve only been to 14 pure concerts so have a long way to go to catch up with some of you guys. Still I usually stick with the number 60 for the idols/groups I’ve seen in total even if it was only 1 or two songs each for some of them.


I’m looking forward to increasing the number of idols/groups I’ve seen as well as seeing some of my favorites perform again.

Image result for BAP concert Dallas 2014    Image result for BAP concert Dallas 2017

How many have you seen and who was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


Have a great day everyone.

18301269_10213414967072471_3032887127664502448_n (1)

Updated to add Seventeen, JJCC,


and Taeyang concerts.


Updated Oct. 2017.

SBS The Show. With multiple groups.

Also Busan Asia One Festival Opening Concert with multiple groups. (Ikon, Black Pink, APink, Astro, BAP, Got7, GFriend, Sechskies, Wanna One, SF9, Momoland, NCT127, and Nu’estW.)

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