SHINee World V Tour In Dallas. 2017.



Once again SHINee, one of the most iconic groups of Kpop, chose Dallas, Texas on Friday 24th of March 2017 to be one of their few stops in North America. Their first time in Dallas was a Fan Meet back in July 2016, whereas this time they were here for a full concert. One of only 2 cities in the US chosen to hold a concert, the other being Los Angeles, meant that fans came from near and far to attend. The furthest I heard of was a group from Peru, but fans may have come from even further afield.


Shawols, the name of SHINee’s fandom group, are among the most loyal and enthusiastic around, as could be seen by the fans arriving early and buying a huge amount of fan merchandise. Fans showed up hours before the show, and the press to get in once the doors opened was intense. It took a little while longer before we were allowed into the seating area. Although not a complete sell out, the theater was absolutely packed with fans.

The show started with a 6 minute video up on the big screen giving us a backstory of sorts. Full of colorful imagery and CGI, it encompassed nods, to folk tales, Escher, and nightmares of imprisonment, an endless maze, and never ending corridors, before the 5 shinning princes traveled through space, imaginary worlds, and gardens collecting the colors they needed to defeat the witch who had stolen all the color from the world. Armed with all the color they had collected they rescued the world and brought the “Color of SHINee” back to us.

With ever greater screams and cheers the fans waited expectantly for the curtain to rise. When it did the roars increased until it was almost deafening. SHINee was finally there before them, and for many, a dream had come true. SHINee opened with Hitchiking, from 2013. Backed by 4 dancers, SHINee filled the stage with their dancing and music.The choreography was spot on, with sharp, crisp moves, and the stylish flare that is synonymous with their name.

Throughout the concert every member of the group performed flawlessly, however, I have to say that time and time again my eyes were drawn to Key. He positively owned the stage. I could feel his confidence and enjoyment even from where I was seated, which was quite far back from the stage. It wasn’t until later in the show that Onew came into his own and I became conflicted as to who to watch. Now that isn’t to say that I didn’t watch all of them, I did, just that at times not all of them could be watched at the same time. Obviously Jonghyun was the focus when he sang his parts, as was Onew, and Taemin drew all eyes with his dancing, as did Minho with his rapping, charisma, and cheeky grins.But if anyone was the MVP of the night I would have to say it was Key.

The show was divided into sets, with video clips in between. The videos were full of all the best aspects of their personas with obvious thought given to fan enjoyment. Each member smiled, pouted, and winked down from the big screen, while lounging or standing in model-like poses. The videos showed us all one of the many reasons why so many of us were, and still are, long time fans. There’s no question that they are an attractive group of young men.

Image result for shinee 2017 tour

There were also a few breaks where they spoke to the audience, to thank us for being their fans, their surprise at our ‘passion’ and to explain that since they didn’t perform live for us before, they would include mainly their most popular and famous songs. This they did, with song after song being greeted by screams and cheers. Lucifer, Juliet, Why So Serious, Sherlock, Everybody, Dream Girls and more rocked the theater. I think they performed about 23 songs in all. But the biggest cheer of the night was probably for Ring Ding Dong with the whole crowd singing along. Although SM has a general no cameras and no photography rule, many, if not most of the audience, were taking photos and videos, many of which can be found on Youtube. If you watch any of them, please realize that being at the concert was at least a hundred times better. The music was loud and all encompassing which along with the palpable excitement of the fans surrounding you, and SHINee performing before you made everyone’s hearts beat faster. When people says concerts like this are more of an experience than a show I think they’re probably correct.And it was a fantastic experience.

As the most confident English speaker Key was the one who mostly chatted with the audience, although all the others had opportunities to say thing with the aid of a translator. Jonghyun spoke to the crowd a fair bit in Korean and Minho spoke a few short phrases in English, although it seemed as if he wanted to say more, while Onew and Taemin were shy and cute and hesitant to say much at all. Key told us a funny story or two, one recounting why he was wearing a different outfit for this show. Apparently during a costume change his clothes had been thrown carelessly over “a lightning device” (I think he meant a light) and soon they could smell burning and they looked to see his clothes were on fire. (It was his Gucci and he mentioned it more than once, so I think he really was quite upset by the loss, even though he was trying to joke about it.) This happened at the Vancouver concert.

Having debuted in 2008 this is SHINee’s 9th year of being together and in that time they have managed to maintain their reputation as being among the best live vocalists in Kpop, which they proved yet again at this concert. With two amazing main vocalists, each of whom complements, contrasts , and melds with the other perfectly, they can sing everything from ballads to fast up tempo songs that include elements of funk, rock and EDM. Minho has improved over time, and Key and Taemin are no slouches at singing either. Also known for their intricate and complex choreography created for them by some of the top choreographers in the world, SHINee is a visual delight too, both for their stellar dancing and their quirky fashion style. Sometimes bordering on the bizarre SHINee has started more than one fashion trend in Korea and among their worldwide fans.


Even after the concert ended, there was still a feeling of joy and contentment among many of the fans. A dream had been fulfilled and they had experienced an evening they would never forget. Thank you SHINee. Y’all come back y’hear.


Have a great day everyone.


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