Kpop Credentials.

(Please note this post is constantly being updated.)  I was a little late to the Kpop concert experience, although I had been into Kpop, Kdramas etc since 2009. My first concert was in 2014, but I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. BAP was that first concert and I’ve managed to see them twice since then.

2pm 065

A chimney fire and aftermath prevented me from going to this past Spring’s (2016) flurry of concerts held in Dallas and Houston which was disappointing, but I plan on continuing to see concerts whenever I can. 2017 started off well and I managed to go to multiple concerts. 2018 also saw quite a few concerts come to Texas, including the first to come to San Antonio. 2019 is starting off like a ‘Winner’.

MVIMG_20200115_214208                        MVIMG_20200202_194803

2020 is starting off well too, with Seventeen, and Stray Kids.

kcon trip 074

I think I’m at the point where I need to have a list of who I’ve seen so I can make sure my jacket is up to date. The hand embroidered patches take many hours to make so sometimes I fall behind on updating the jacket, and in fact I’m going to run out of space soon so am looking for a new larger jacket. (edit new jacket acquired.) I never thought I would make so many patches. Not all the patches are of groups I have seen and some groups or individuals have more than one patch. It is dependent on how I feel at the time.


This is the list of who I’ve seen so far; quite a few times I managed to get to Hi Touch, Meet & Greet or Red Carpet so that’s been great.

29542974_2057399054274512_7798938737202692096_o (1)

Dallas / Fort Worth ConcertsStray Kids.  Dreamcatcher.   SuperM.    Imfact.   Monsta X    Black Pink.  VAV.  Astro.  Ateez.    BAP.    B1A4.    2PM.  Winner.   Runningman Bros.   CL.   SHINee.   HyunA.   Got7.  BAP (2nd time).  Seventeen.  Taeyang.   Zion.T.   UP10TION.   BTS.



NY/Newark Concert. BigBang.

Chicago Concert.  Monsta X.

Houston Concerts.    Seventeen.    Stray Kids.  Monsta X. 2019   NCT 127   KARD,   G.Dragon,    JJCC,    Eric Nam,   Teen Top.    Monsta X.   

filename-1 (75)  filename-1 (67)  filename-1 (68)

Austin Concerts.   Dumbfoundead, with Year Of The Ox.

IMG-2270      dav   Attach9434_20180409_190312 (1)

San Antonio Concert. San E & Madclown, with Sobae.

Dallas Fanmeets.   Got7.  SHINee.

KCon 2014.    B1A4.    BTS.    CN Blue.     G.Dragon.    Girl’s Generation.     IU.     Spica.      VIXX.    Jung Joon-Young.      Teen Top.

SXSW Austin Kpop Night Out. 2015    EPIK HIGH.      Crayon Pop.     EE.    Hitchhiker.       The Barberettes.      Asian Chairshot.     Eastern Sidekick.

SXSW Austin Kpop Night Out. 2017     Hoody. (pre concert private party performance.) Big Phony. (to include Busker Busker member Brad Moore.)   No Brain.     Galaxy Express.     MFBTY (to include Yoonmirae, Drunken Tiger, & Bizzy, plus label mates Junoflo &  Ann One.)   Hyolyn.    Red Velvet.

jk 21

SXSW 2018. Junoflo, (with Ann One as guest).   DPR Live.  (Christian Yu was on stage with him.)  Crush.  Cifika.  Lee Hi.  KARD.    Say Sue Me also performed but the venue was late in getting everyone in, so most people missed their performance.

M Countdown episode 419.    Crayon Pop.   Untouchable.     Laboum.     N.Sonic.      Lovelyz.    Madtown.        CLC.       FT Island.      EXO.     JJCC.    Fiestar.     NS Yoon-G.        Mamamoo.     Baek Ji Young.     K.Will.       Red Velvet.     Miss A.

SBS The Show 171017.   TRCNG.   Golden Child.   DIA.   Rainz.   MASC.   Bolbbalgan 4. April.   Walwari.     Jung Dong Ha.     Park Jae Jung.  (+ I know I’m forgetting a group or two I didn’t recognize.)

Busan Asia One Festival Opening Ceremony. 2017.   APink.   Astro.  BAP.     Got7.  Nct 127.  SF9.  Momoland.  Nu’est W.  Black Pink.  iKon.   Wanna One.  GFriend.  Sechskies.

Kpop Industry Party. Austin, SXSW 2019.  Kirara,  XXX, and Jambinai.

IMG_20191211_164343 (1)


And lastly I can’t leave out the KLive hologram concerts in Seoul. I went once and won a free ticket for another. The highlight however was being chosen to be a ‘hologram’ up on the screen with G. Dragon’s hologram singing just to me. It was really quite surreal as I had to ‘act’ with his hologram. Really cool though seeing his and my image up on the big screen interacting with each other. If only it had been real…..

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. Photo credits to original owners, including me.

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