Zion. T. Delights Dallas Fans.

I first came across Zion. T when he appeared on the Infinite Challenge Music Festival back in the summer of 2015. Totally the opposite of HaHa, his ‘partner’ for the event, Zion. T was so relaxed and laid back that it was fun to see them interact together. I was intrigued and have been listening to his music ever since. Still I was a little concerned when I heard he was going to do a solo tour in the USA and Canada. It is often hard for any artist to be alone on stage for a whole performance, let alone when they don’t speak the same language as the audience.


But I needn’t have worried. Zion. T gave a tremendous performance and had the crowd engaged and enthralled the whole time. Once he entered onto the almost unlit stage he captured the audience’s attention right from the first notes.


Throughout the whole evening he was a master of understatement and minimalist expressions and actions, but every movement and gesture was so meaningful and precise I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He seemed pleased with the audience’s raucous and enthusiastic reception and he really began to enjoy himself. We even saw him smile from time to time at some of the crowd’s comments.


He sang multiple fan favorites and encouraged everyone to sing along with him. In fact when he sang Just he asked the crowd to sing Crush’s part. He was pleased when many were able to do so. There was far more interaction with the audience than I was expecting. He spoke quite a bit in Korean and apparently asked if we got snow in Dallas. Perhaps misunderstanding, or just joking around his fans assured him they did, which I’m not sure he believed.


He was totally confident, and controlled the pace and the emotions of everyone in the theatre. He was incredibly charismatic for a stick thin man in a baggy suit and sunglasses. He relied on nothing more than his songs and skills as a singer. I think his seemingly quiet demeanor must hide a strong and beguiling personality.


Having performed for just over 30 minutes Lil Boi joined him on stage and the two sang and rapped together until Zion. T left him alone on stage. Lil Boi did a decent job of keeping everyone pumped up and having a good time. I think he was pleasantly surprised at how loudly the crowd cheered him on. He definitely had many fans in the theatre. I’d like to add that the DJ was also remarkably talented, although I unfortunately don’t know his name.

File_003 (3)

But no matter how good Lil Boi was, we were there to see Zion. T and the crowd went wild when he came back on stage. I think he really was pleasantly surprised at how loud, happy, and enthusiastic everyone was. He also enjoyed that so many people knew his songs well enough to sing along.

He finally tried to end the show, but the audience kept him on stage a long time after the show was meant to end. They kept begging for more until at the end it was pretty much a Zion. T directed singalong as no wanted the evening to end. But of course end it did.


P1 ticket holders were lucky enough to be able to hang around and wait for group photos. Listening to everyone talk as they waited in line there wasn’t even one person who hadn’t been thrilled by his performance. When he came out to be in the group photos he surprised us by allowing autographs, selfies and even hugs. He was so kind and pleasant to everyone, even with the language barrier. I even got to show him his patch and explain it was hand sewn. And yep, I got a hug.


He’s an incredibly nice man, as well as being an incredibly talented singer, rapper, songwriter and performer. I would recommend that everyone listens to his music and definitely go to his remaining shows.

Have a great day everyone.



Please do not use without permission and accreditation. All photos to original owners. To Debora Marzec, and those photos of me to Briana-Michelle Trejo.


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