The Kpop Jacket Turns Four!

Four years ago, on Christmas Day 2013, I was gifted a little plain white jacket. Little did I know what it would become. It started slowly with just one patch, and now there are almost a hundred.

The first jacket became too small so a new larger one was bought on our second trip to Korea, although even it too may soon have no more room.

The Kpop Jacket has been to many concerts, and even ‘met’ a few celebrities.

It has been interviewed a few times too.

It has travelled to some Kpop sites in Korea,

and some for Kdramas too.


In four short years the Kpop Jacket has seen and done so much. Here’s hoping it will see four more years of exciting events, and that I can keep up with hand embroidering all those patches.

Have a great day everyone.

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