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My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.

The Korea Hanbok is one of the most beautiful traditional clothing styles found anywhere in the world. Although no longer everyday dress for most Koreans they can still be seen being worn by Koreans on many special occasions such as weddings and national holidays.… Continue Reading “My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.”

200th Post. My Thanks And Appreciation.

It seems very appropriate that this my 200th post should be today, the day Daesung of Big Bang enters the military. Daesung was the subject of my first post back in April 2016 and he’s also the reason I found Kpop. While I’m sad… Continue Reading “200th Post. My Thanks And Appreciation.”

The Kpop Jacket Turns Four!

Four years ago, on¬†Christmas Day 2013, I was gifted a little plain white jacket. Little did I know what it would become. It started slowly with just one patch, and now there are almost a hundred. The first jacket became too small so a… Continue Reading “The Kpop Jacket Turns Four!”

Happy Anniversary

I woke up this morning to see a notice from WordPress wishing a Happy Anniversary. Wow, has it really been one year since I started this website? What a year it has been. For me personally this past year saw me travel to… Continue Reading “Happy Anniversary”