Happy Anniversary KpopJacketLady.com.

I woke up this morning to see a notice from WordPress wishing KpopJacketLady.com a Happy Anniversary.


Wow, has it really been one year since I started this website? What a year it has been. For me personally this past year saw me travel to Korea for a second visit, to see multiple Kpop concerts here in the States, and watch a lot of great Kdramas. I retired the original Kpop jacket, began work on the new one, and continued discovering new things about Korea.

The website has seen over 6,000 visitors from 111 countries who have viewed it over 10,500 times, which I think is pretty cool. I especially like that people from so many different parts of the world have read my posts.

Kpop truly is a worldwide phenomenon. The most popular posts on the site are the ones about games. 

And the least popular ones about the recipes I’ve made.

I’ve written posts about some of the places I’ve visited.

And some of the wonderful Korean food I’ve eaten both here and while in Korea.

The past year has been full of Kpop experiences from concerts, to exhibitions, and of course tourist attractions.

There’s also been new friends and old.

The deconstruction and retiring of the original Kpop Jacket and the continuing work on the new one, this time on a Korean made, natural fiber jacket bought on my last trip. Not only does the new jacket have more space, it also is much cooler to wear in the Texas heat.

There are posts on Korean history, culture and sports. As well as posts on Korean innovations, such as the Turtle Ship, and the first heated greenhouse.


Posts on Korean models turned actors, as well as Kdrama reviews can also be found when looking through the 136 posts that I wrote last year. Yeah, I wrote a lot last year and obviously will need to go back through them and update some of them and find a better way of organizing them so that people can easily find what they’re looking for.

There are obviously posts on Kpop and concert reviews,

but there are also posts on green spaces, parks, and the natural beauty of Korea.

Also posts on some of the different street foods I tasted, which really shouldn’t be missed on a visit to Korea.

But with all the things, I’ve seen, done, and written about in the past year, most of my favorite experiences revolve around people, and food. I’ve met some really cool, and interesting people and shared some fantastic food with quite a few others. Food and friends, they both make life so much better.

Related image

I don’t have a cake to celebrate the 1 year anniversary, but knowing that there are people who are reading and enjoying my blog is enough to make this a good day.

Hope y’all have a great day too.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation.

All photo credits to original owners.


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