Deconstructing the Kpop Jacket.

As some of you know the kpopjacket began almost by accident, there was no plan or goal at the beginning and it just grew and developed as time passed. Unfortunately the ‘kpop’ has become larger than the jacket and there’s no space left to add new patches to it. It was suggested I start a new jacket and keep this one as is, but since I wear my jacket to concerts and events and I can only wear one jacket at a time I decided to get a new larger jacket, and move all the patches over to a new one.


Removing the patches is harder than I thought it would be, both sewing wise and emotionally. It is hard to deconstruct something which took so much time to make. As I remove the patches I’m not only realizing just how many patches I actually hand embroidered, but also how many memories are tied up in them.


I’ll work on taking the patches off the sleeves tonight, and then I need to iron them all before starting on the daunting task of sewing them onto the new jacket. The new jacket is larger, and lighter weight, which will be good in the Texas heat, but I have a slight worry it won’t hang well. The original jacket did a great job of showcasing all the patches.

edit. all the patches, except the one that was ironed onto the jacket, removed.

The beginning of jacket version 2.0


Wish me luck, and the new jacket and I hope to meet all of you in the future.

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Edited, Oct.13th 2016. Most of the patches are on the new jacket now, just a handful more to add and then I can start catching up on making patches for the groups I’ve missed.


Have a great day everyone.

Photo credits to me. Please do not copy or repost without permission and accreditation.

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