[Exclusive] Sweet Sweet Insider: Meet the KPOP Jacket Lady

Interview I did for SweetSweetkpop.com

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K-Pop has made its impact around the world, working the Hallyu wave in even the smallest parts of a country. Among the influence, many have stories to tell about their experience with the culture. Brought to you by Sweet Sweet Kpop, we were able to arrange an interview with the k-pop enthusiast, Debora Marzec also known as the KPOP Jacket Lady. Starting with just one white jacket, this k-pop fan has put a new meaning to the appreciation of Korean culture.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind what started the KPOP Jacket Lady blog?

A: I first found K-pop, and Big Bang, in 2009. After watching an episode of Family Outing Season 1 in which Daesung was a regular cast member and GD was a guest, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I tracked down their MV’s on YouTube and got hooked. 2009…

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