Banpo Rainbow Bridge, Seoul.


The Banpo Bridge which crosses the Han River in Seoul lights up with an amazing display of shooting water fountains, music and lights about four to six times a day from the months of April through October. Although fun to watch at any time, the night time displays are perhaps the most popular. If you want to plan a visit it is best to check the daily schedule before you go to make sure you’re not disappointed.

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We arrived at dusk and were drawn towards Some Sevit, three man made floating islands. You may recognize them as the U-Gin Genetics Research Buildings from Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Knowing that the water show would not begin for some time we wandered down to explore the manmade islands. We found a cafe in one of them where we had a drink and chilled until darkness began to fall and the lights began to come on. The dim, dark building slowly began to glow with multiple colored interiors and outside lights.


Joined together by floating walkways it was easy to explore, stopping often to take in the views of the Han River and the city beyond.

Unsure of the actual schedule, we were visiting early April when the weather is still sometimes inclement, we gave into our hunger pangs and decided to splurge on one of the restaurants overlooking the Han River and the skyline.

Nighttime cruises are also a good way to view the Banpo Rainbow Bridge display.


The display lasts about 20 minutes and the water ‘dances’ to the music all the while changing color as the lights shine on the jets of water.  The bridge is 570 meters in length, with 380 nozzles (total) lining it on both sides.


The display also looks different from different viewpoint so it is a good idea to stroll around, just remember that the wind can blow the sprays of water quite some distance.


Lots of people hang out to watch the display, both locals and tourists so it’s a great place to people watch.


One last look back as we headed out for home.

There’s lots of amazing photos online, as well as Youtube videos, but nothing can really do it justice, so be sure to check it out next time you’re in Seoul.

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. Photo credits to Elle and Debora Marzec.

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