Common Ground: A Container Shopping Mall In Seoul.

Away from the usual tourist haunts lies an area around Konkuk University (Seoul) that deserves a visit. Known as Kondae it is a less touristy destination very similar to Hongdae with the nightlife to match. We, however, went to visit Common Ground a shopping mall/food park built from bright blue shipping containers. The University itself  has been the site of multiple Kramas and is also an attractive place to visit.

Stacked up to provide a mix of small and larger inside spaces Common Ground is home to an eclectic mix of trendy shops, restaurants, and bars.

The shops lean toward young and up and coming designers and products and so they can at first appear a little pricey, but take a closer look and you’ll see many unique items you might not see anywhere else.

Some more well known brand that cater to a younger demographic can also be seen, with quite a few small shops selling beauty products, handmade jewelry, and even weird lucky water plants.

The central courtyard has some permanent food trucks which offer a variety of food and drink if you don’t want to try one of the almost dozen restaurants. The craft beer choices at Space Bar were really rather good.

Probably best known as a photogenic area for instagramable posts we enjoyed it as an interesting break from hard core sightseeing. There were things to look at and admire, things to buy, food, and drink all in an attractive setting.


Common Ground is also known for hosting weekend markets, events, exhibitions, and performances. While we were there they were gearing up for a big Halloween party.

Not too far from the Gangnam area by subway, although across the river, the Kongdae area is well worth a visit if you are on the eastern side of Seoul.

Have a great day everyone.

You may also enjoy Seoul Forest Park:In PhotosBanpo Rainbow Bridge,  and A Walk Down KStar Road.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. Photo credits to Elizabeth Marzec.

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