A Walk Down KStar Road.


Like most Kpop fans we had to make a quick trip to Gangnam while on our recent trip to Korea. Not only is it famous because of Psy’s song, but it is also because it has numerous entertainment companies, plus multiple restaurants and cafes owned by Kpop idols and/or their families. While the chances of seeing your favorite idol are low it is always worth a visit to see if it is your lucky day.

We decided to start by checking out Kstar road, an area designated by the city government to help advertise the Hallyu wave and to cater to Kpop fans by placing  ‘dols’ of some famous idol groups along one side of what was once called the ‘luxury street of Cheongdam’. It was low key fun strolling the tree lined street looking for my favorites. I posed with 17 of them, even though I felt like a bit of a dork. The locals, however, are quite used to seeing the fans being silly and barely gave us a second glance.

The ‘road’ starts at Apgujeong Rodeo station exit 2 and ends at the Cheongdam Crossroads. It is about 1 km long and to see all of the ‘dols’ and take photos takes quite a while. The street is lined with high end shops, office buildings, restaurants, etc but the main focus for Kpop fans are the ‘dols’.

There is a Gangnamdol Haus in front of exit 7 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station where you can mini-dols as souvenirs, but we didn’t stop in because I knew I’d be tempted to buy them all. Instead I just took photos with the life sized ones.

The Cheongdam/Gangnam area has lots of things for Kpop fans to see and do and Kstar road is just a small part of what the area has to offer. Keep your eyes open for future posts and have a great day.

You may also be interested in a review of where we had lunch while in the area.


Photo credits to Elle Marzec. Please do not copy without permission or accreditation.


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