A Visit to SUM Market, Gangnam.


In the basement of SM’s building at 648 Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, you can find SUM market which is targeted at those Kpop fans who particularly love artists from SM Entertainment. It is fairly small, although densely packed, with enough items to tempt any fan.

Some of the things were quite fancy, but you could buy bags of chips or nuts if you were on a strict budget. All the groups were well represented with goodies, although EXO merchandise seemed to be particularly popular during our visit.

I did stop to look at the patches, but after mulling it over I decided to continue just making the patches for my jacket myself.


Once you left the market you passed through an area with some artwork before heading upstairs to either the exit or the cafe. We didn’t go to the cafe this trip, but if you have time to spare there’s a slim chance an SM artist might drop in for a coffee or snack while you are there.



Have a great day everyone.

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All photo credits to me. Please do copy or use without permission or accreditation.

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