KBS Studio Tour.


If you have a spare hour or so, a visit to the Korean Broadcasting System building in Yeouido, Seoul, is a good option for anyone who is into Kdramas, Korean variety shows, and any of the other content that is produced by KBS. From classics such as Winter Sonata, (2002) and Boys over Flowers, (2009) to more recent offerings like Oh, My Venus, (2015/16) and Descendants of the Sun, (2016) KBS has broadcast some of the most popular dramas of the past two decades. KBS also broadcasts multiple News, Sports, and Children’s Shows. The long running variety show, 2Days 1 Night, often begins episodes filmed on the front steps of this building. Perhaps, for Kpop fans though, it is best known as the home of Music Bank. (Well that is actually filmed in a building next door.)

The free, self guided tour starts on the outside of the building where you can sit and watch radio shows being recorded live through a large glass window. A schedule lists the times, and benches have been placed for viewers. Some regular fans leave notes to save their places on the benches.

Once inside there are lots of posters from famous shows and occasional cutout figures so you can pose with your favorite characters.


I found the cast of 2 Days 1 Night down one hallway.

There’s some areas where you can learn about the history of KBS, and broadcasting in general, along with interactive centers where you can play around with sound effects or pretend to be a host of a children’s show etc. For me however, the most interesting aspect were the large glass windows that actually let you see into recording studios. There was one where we could hear and see a radio drama show being recorded and then a tv show studio, which was unfortunately empty when we were there.

It didn’t take us much time to walk around, but it was fun nonetheless. I think next visit I’d like to watch one of the radio shows from the outside seating area, and then head to one of the nearby restaurants where the chances of seeing someone famous are said to be quite high.

Have a great day everyone.


Photo credits to Elle Marzec. Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation.

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