Cats And Dogs: Animal Cafes In Seoul.

Seoul is a city of cafes, in fact it is said there are more cafes in Seoul than in any other city in the world. Therefore in order to stand out many have come up with themes to try and capture the attention of consumers. Animal cafes have become popular, particularly cat and dog cafes. Seoul also has a racoon cafe and a sheep cafe that I know of, and I believe there are other animal cafes too that crop up from time to time. The dog and cat ones seem to be perennial favorites as they are the pets most people would like to keep in their homes, and who use the dog, and cat, cafes as a substitute when it is too difficult to keep one of their own.

Animal cafes are also popular with those looking for a way to relieve stress, and of course are popular with many tourists. Make sure you understand the fees and rules as each cafe may be run in a slightly different way. Usually you must buy a drink, and entry is then free, plus you can buy treats the animals like. In cat cafes be careful of your belongings as some cats like to ‘spray’ to mark their territory.

There’s usually a large selection of cats to play with, and safe areas for them to retreat to to avoid people and other cats. You might go and the cats may be reticent to interact with you, but being cats they may just need a little time to warm up to you.

I am not particularly a cat person, but I could not get this cat to leave me alone. I think he saw a black jacket and just decided he had to leave long white fur all over it. The drinks are kinda incidental to the experience, but overall it was a nice way to take a relaxing break from doing tourist stuff.

Dog cafes are also popular since it is much more likely that a dog will be happy to interact with you.

There are a few different dog cafes you can visit in Seoul, this particular one was in Myeongdong fairly near the cat cafe. In this one the dogs also performed tricks from time to time, and they seemed quite eager to do so.

The skateboard was the most popular toy, but the Bulldog and the Sheepdog both tried hogging all the play equipment. The Dachshund gave up after a while and came over to me to chill for a bit.

Both the Sheepdog and the Bulldog managed to ‘drive’ the car, and get their treats. The car did move down the track at a very slow speed and the dogs did steer the car.

Dogs were everywhere, including on the tables.

I enjoyed the experience as I missed my own dogs, but I think it would be fun for anyone. Make sure you follow the rules, don’t wear your best clothes, and make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

Have a great day everyone.

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Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. Photo credits to Elle Marzec.

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