A Look At Some Of My Favorite Kpop Dance Practice MVs.

Those of you who are on my Facebook page know how much I love dance practice videos, sometimes even more than the official music videos. So today I decided to share some of my favorites. This is by no means a ‘best of’ list, just some of the ones I like and go back to again and again.

Right now I’m really enjoying iKON’s Killing Me.  There’s something about the way they are using their hands and arms as well as their whole bodies. A lot of the moves look simple although I doubt they are, and they fit the music perfectly. I find it slightly hypnotic and been watching it daily since it came out.

NCT is particularly noted for their dancing ability and I could easily choose more than one of their videos to be on this list, but NCT U edges ahead with Boss. Again it has that look at me vibe. I have to watch.

I Like You (Boyfriend version) from Got7 is still my ‘to go to’ MV for if I’ve had a bad day. The are so young and cute, yet trying so hard to be sexy. They make me smile every time.

BTS could also be on the list multiple times, but I keep going back to the iconic Fire. I’ve followed them since their debut ,and there has always been something addictive about their personalities, music and dance. I’m happy to see them succeeding.

Originally dance practice videos were just that, a video of the group practicing. Nowadays most of the videos are of polished performances and while that allows us to watch the choreography without all the distractions of the sets, costumes etc it can occasionally lessen the charm. This old video of 2NE1 & Big Bang is a classic ‘oldie’.

And then There’s Big Bang.

Big Bang has moved with the times and their dance practice video for Bang Bang Bang is still one of my favorites. One of the reasons being that they are not the perfectly synchronized idol group like those we usually see today. They each have their individual character which is especially striking if you watch TOP.

But that uniqueness and individuality in the oftentimes cookie cutter world of Kpop will always make them special to me.

Do you have a favorite dance practice video?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day everyone.


Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photos and videos credits to original owners.

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5 Comments on “A Look At Some Of My Favorite Kpop Dance Practice MVs.

  1. I love watching k-pop dance practice videos as well. In fact when some one I know is curious enough about k-pop I usually like to send therm both an MV as well as the dance practice for a particular song. I do this because, like you said, it really gives the viewer a chance to see that professional level without any distractions. Half the time, the group may be sporting a baseball cap and one cannot even see their faces. But that’s a good thing as their face alone can be a distraction in their MVs. Lets face it – the industry is built around beautiful, talented people.

    I also want to show the difference between k-pop boy bands and mainstream boy bands as some people jump to the conclusion of ‘a boy band is a boy band’. So I will often use BTS’ FIRE and Blood Sweat & Tears to show the hardcore level of choreography and dance skills. I think it’s one of the most impressive component of k-pop which separates k-pop industry from main stream music.

    And the reason why I love BS&T’s dance practice is you can hear how in-sync they are when they land on the ground during those half-spin jumps. Just hearing the foot work hit the dance floor at the same time shows just how much practice they undergo just to get themselves in-sync with one another let alone getting the moves right.

    Most of my friends are not into k-pop but they can’t deny after viewing a dance practice how intense the choreography can be.

    Other dance practices I have enjoyed watching – EXO’s Monster, Stray Kids District 9, any of Monsta X’s dance practice and pretty much all of BTS’ as well. I have yet to watch iKON’s Killing Me so I will. And I can’t wait to see BTS’ IDOL dance practice.


    • Shy, thank you, you’ve expressed so many of my feelings better than I could. You are so right about feet hitting the floor all at the same time. I’m also impressed when they break away to do their own bop for a bit, like iKON, but then in a moment they are all in sync again. Seventeen would have been on my list, along with a few others, but I wanted to keep it a short post. I find it amazing that 13 dancers can be so on point. Exo and Monsta X were on my short list too. So maybe a part 2 will be upcoming.
      iKON can take a couple of viewings as they aren’t as flashy as some groups. Let me know what you think after you watch them.
      And yes, on waiting for BTS’ IDOL dance practice.
      Have a great day.

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