How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?

The most obvious way is no doubt on their music video,

or maybe on a music show,

or a dance practice video.

Sometimes they do a double speed version,

or even a ‘roller-coaster’ version where the song speeds up and slows down.

Recently we’ve seen the relay dance become popular.

Or how about in costume.

A boyfriend/close up version was popular for a while.

And apparently there something called a ‘Beagle’ version.

Or you can even watch classic Kpop dances as part of Korean variety show games.

Of course we would all probably like to watch our favorites front row center at a live performance. If we can’t be there in person at least we can watch fancams of the show.


Have a great day everyone.

All photo and video credits to original owners.

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