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Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? Part 1. (Around 2009)

There are many different things needed to form a top Kpop group, including the music, lyrics, choreography, company support, costumes, the talent of the idols themselves, and more. All these need to come together to create the perfect whole. Of course not all groups… Continue Reading “Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? Part 1. (Around 2009)”

Taeyang White Night Concert In Dallas.

  Texas has been really lucky this year with quite a few Kpop concert tours stopping in either Dallas or Houston. There has been everything from less popular groups like JJCC at small scale venues, to mega stars like G.Dragon performing at the arena… Continue Reading “Taeyang White Night Concert In Dallas.”

Seventeen Diamond Edge Concert In Dallas: Review.

  Dallas was once again fortunate to be chosen as a stop on a Kpop group’s American tour. Seventeen, a relatively young group, both in age and in years since debut, are extremely popular and have a large following in the US. Tickets sold… Continue Reading “Seventeen Diamond Edge Concert In Dallas: Review.”

JJCC The 1st Appearance In America: Review Of The Houston Show.

  It is hard to talk about the Kpop group JJCC without mentioning Jackie Chan of martial art’s fame. Mr Chan being a huge fan of Kpop decided a few years ago to form his own Kpop group. I have often wondered if this… Continue Reading “JJCC The 1st Appearance In America: Review Of The Houston Show.”

G.Dragon World Tour In Houston 2017.

The fact that world class star G. Dragon chose Houston as one of the stops for his American Tour both surprised me, and made me incredibly happy. I have seen GD perform once live at a KCon in LA, and then I saw Big… Continue Reading “G.Dragon World Tour In Houston 2017.”

Monsta X Beautiful In The USA: Chicago.

As some of you know I live in Texas and mostly go to the ‘local’ shows, if you can call a 5 1/2 hour drive local! But this time I had to travel further to see Monsta X, due to having already bought my… Continue Reading “Monsta X Beautiful In The USA: Chicago.”

Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment.

I think one of the reasons so many people enjoy watching Korean Variety Shows is that hosts and guests play the games to win. There’s no just going through the motions, they are in it to win and their competitive spirit is obvious.  … Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games: Lose And Face The Punishment.”

WILD KARD 2017: The 1st Tour in America.

This has been a banner year for Kpop concerts in Texas and that means lots of miles added to our odometers. Here in Texas we tend to measure distances in hours, and fortunately Houston is only about a 3 hour drive from where I… Continue Reading “WILD KARD 2017: The 1st Tour in America.”

Party Baby! B.A.P. 2017 World Tour In Dallas.

  B.A.P. the Best Absolute Perfect Kpop group is in the middle of their 2017 World Tour and after a successful US part of the tour they’ll soon be heading to Europe. I managed to catch the Dallas show at the Majestic Theatre Downtown… Continue Reading “Party Baby! B.A.P. 2017 World Tour In Dallas.”

SHINee World V Tour In Dallas. 2017.

  Once again SHINee, one of the most iconic groups of Kpop, chose Dallas, Texas on Friday 24th of March 2017 to be one of their few stops in North America. Their first time in Dallas was a Fan Meet back in July 2016,… Continue Reading “SHINee World V Tour In Dallas. 2017.”