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HyunA Charms Her Dallas Fans.

Charismatic  Kpop singing sensation HyunA performed at the Grenada Theater in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas last night. (Monday 6th March 2017) An older theater with character, the Grenada was the perfect venue for HyunA’s hybrid fan meeting/concert. Nestled among a cluster of… Continue Reading “HyunA Charms Her Dallas Fans.”

Best of Weekly Idol Random Play Dances.

    Most Kpop fans already know about Weekly Idol, a Korean variety show begun in 2011 as a short term show that is now 6 years old. Filmed in a sub basement against a white background with minimal props, the show relies on… Continue Reading “Best of Weekly Idol Random Play Dances.”

Fare thee well: 2NE1.

Back when I started writing about Kpop I planned to write a weekly series on disbanded groups, but soon realized that it was too sad a project and it fell by the wayside. Well today I’m writing once more about a disbanded group, and… Continue Reading “Fare thee well: 2NE1.”


CL also known as Chae Lin Lee, or the ‘Baddest Female,’ stopped in Dallas this past Sunday as part of her 9 city North America Tour. CL is maybe better known to some as the leader and rapper in the mega popular girl group… Continue Reading “+HELLO BI+CHES TOUR 2016 + DALLAS”

The Kings of Kpop.

There are a multitude of good, and even perhaps great, Kpop groups, but no group has dominated the past ten years like BigBang. Officially debuting in 2006 they are in the process of celebrating their 10th anniversary, and are hopefully culminating the year with… Continue Reading “The Kings of Kpop.”

Return Of The 1990’s Kpop Groups?

A recent article from Korean Yonhap News Agency noted that the 2oth anniversary reunion for S.E.S., one of the first female Kpop groups, will be held in 2017, which made me wonder which of the other early groups were still around. The average length… Continue Reading “Return Of The 1990’s Kpop Groups?”

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.

Seoul is a city that never seems to sleep, maybe because there’s just so much to do at night including shopping. Most people have heard of the Dongdaemun Open Market which doesn’t even open until 10pm and stays open until 5am, but Seoul also… Continue Reading “Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.”

Like Dance? Watch Kpop, Part 2.

I part one I discussed the choreographers behind BTS’s Fire, (Keone Madrid) SHINee’s Lucifer, (Rino Nakasone & Shim Jae Won) and Big Bang’s Bang, Bang, Bang, (Parris Goebel) pointing out the importance of choreography to the visual impact of the group in MV’s, performances, and… Continue Reading “Like Dance? Watch Kpop, Part 2.”