A Wonderful Guide To Kpop Merchandize.

It is not often that I come across a website that I endorse and share with everyone, but today I want to recommend Dominic’s Kpop Merchandize Guide. It is obviously a labor of love and as such is chock full of useful information for Kpop fans. This is not a website to buy merchandize, but a place to learn more about it and to find out just what was released for each particular comeback, album or concert. This is particularly useful for fans and collectors. And just plain interesting for everyone.


So far he has covered 45 groups and soloists and is working on adding more. So just what is his guide about? Well let’s take the information available for the merchandize for just one group. I’ll choose Stray Kids as an example.


First off he goes through chronologically listing all the official merchandize available. In the case above you can see what was available for Unveil [Op.01: I Am Not] from light-sticks, the photo-book through to the set of 10 photo cards. This is repeated for I Am Who, I Am You, and Unveil.


He next writes about their albums and then finally has a brief biography and photos of each member of the group.

As you can see there’s a lot of information, even from a relatively new group. There’s so much on the BTS pages, yes pages that it is pretty amazing looking though everything.

So please go check out his website and help support this amazing task he has taken up. He has created a wonderful resource for fans.

Have a great day everyone.

All photo credits to original owners.


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