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Seasoned Bean Sprouts.

Before I talk about the recipe I used I want to make sure that everyone knows the dangers of eating raw or undercooked beans. Beans contain something called Lectin which in some foods can be harmful. Different foods and even different beans contain different… Continue Reading “Seasoned Bean Sprouts.”

Happy 300th Running Man.

Running Man is a Korean variety show that is extremely popular not only in Korea, but around the globe. It is particularly popular in China and the rest of Asia, but with the advent of sites like YouTube, Drama Fever, and Viki, Running Man… Continue Reading “Happy 300th Running Man.”

Open Sesame.

I think we’ve all heard that saying before without even giving a second thought as to why the thieves used it as the magic phrase to open the door to their lair. Well it turns out that the sesame seed that we use in… Continue Reading “Open Sesame.”