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Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.

A sunny spring Sunday saw me set forth to venture north to the Dallas area. The route along the infamous I 35 was bad as usual with much of the time spent at a crawl. Fortunately I got to the Granada Theatre with plenty… Continue Reading “Ateez: The Expedition Tour In Dallas.”

Great Night Of Networking At The Korea Spotlight Industry Party @SXSW.

Just a quick post before heading up to Dallas for the Ateez and then the Astro concerts later this week. I wanted to make sure I to said what a fantastic and informative time I had at the Korea Spotlight Industry Party. We all… Continue Reading “Great Night Of Networking At The Korea Spotlight Industry Party @SXSW.”

How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?

The most obvious way is no doubt on their music video, or maybe on a music show, or a dance practice video. Sometimes they do a double speed version, or even a ‘roller-coaster’ version where the song speeds up and slows down. Recently we’ve… Continue Reading “How Many Ways Can You Watch A Kpop Group Dance?”

Korea Spotlight @SXSW 2019: Preview.

The excitement of Kpop fans in Texas is almost palpable this week, that along with the Live Oak pollen. (Hint if you have allergies bring your meds with you.) That’s mostly because the Korea Spotlight Showcase @SXSW is returning March 13th for its 7th… Continue Reading “Korea Spotlight @SXSW 2019: Preview.”

Kpop @ SXSW: An Overview.

Kpop has been a growing force at SXSW year by year, and this maybe its biggest year ever. I’ve attended their Kpop events in 2015, 17 and 18 and have been amazed at its growth so I thought a quick overview might be in… Continue Reading “Kpop @ SXSW: An Overview.”

Korea Guide Book Review: A Curated Guide To Seoul.

Even if you’ve travelled extensively and think you know a place well there’s always those hidden spots that are harder to find than others. In the modern internet driven world it is easy to click and search for the ‘best’ places to visit. But… Continue Reading “Korea Guide Book Review: A Curated Guide To Seoul.”

Winner: Everywhere Tour In Dallas 2019.

It was a cold and rainy day for Winner’s stop in Dallas on their ‘Everywhere’ tour. Grey skies with ever growing black clouds full of cold rain swept over Dallas. But even the rain plus strong winds that turned many an umbrella inside out… Continue Reading “Winner: Everywhere Tour In Dallas 2019.”

My Favorite Kdramas of 2018. Part 2.

In the first part I mentioned how 2018 saw the rise of the crime, lawyer, courtroom type drama. Perhaps my favorite from this genre was Prison Playbook, which kinda obviously takes place inside a prison. Filled with flashbacks and with some scenes taking place… Continue Reading “My Favorite Kdramas of 2018. Part 2.”

My Favorite Kdramas Of 2018.

Ever year Korea produces between 140 and 150 dramas for TV and Cable. Not all of these are easily accessible to the overseas fan, although the export of Korean content has been improving more and more each year. We did take a hit, however,… Continue Reading “My Favorite Kdramas Of 2018.”

Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.

Korea has a long and ancient history and many of their customs and traditions go back a long way into the past. The twelve animal deities, called Sibijisin, who make up the Korean zodiac that we see today once played a much more active… Continue Reading “Sibijisin: The Twelve Guardian Deities Of Korea.”