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2018 Monsta X 2nd World Tour “The Connect” In Houston.

It is said “a picture paints a thousand words” which no doubt explains the popularity of images on the internet, however it also means that people have come to expect to see photographs in concert reviews. No luck today I’m afraid as the concert… Continue Reading “2018 Monsta X 2nd World Tour “The Connect” In Houston.”

The Beauty of Korea.

I have written lots of posts about Korea, and about what a great country it is to visit. However today I just want to show you how wonderful it is. From beautiful temples, and palaces , to nature at her best, Korea is beautiful… Continue Reading “The Beauty of Korea.”

A Korean Folk Village: In Photos.

There’s more than one Folk Village in Korea, but they don’t always have obviously different names, so it can be a little confusing when looking online. The one we’ve been to a couple of times is about 12 miles from Suwon in Gyeonggi-Do province.… Continue Reading “A Korean Folk Village: In Photos.”

Eric Nam ‘Honestly’ 2018 North American Tour In Houston: Thoughts.

I have to admit that before the concert I liked and knew about Eric Nam more from his hosting and interviewing skills than for his music. Seeing that he was having a concert relatively close by, a 3 to 4 hour drive for me,… Continue Reading “Eric Nam ‘Honestly’ 2018 North American Tour In Houston: Thoughts.”

Horse Related Artifacts At Gyeongju National Museum.

A while ago I wrote a couple of horse related articles, Horseback Archery In Korea, and The Horses Of Jeju. They generated some interest with equine history enthusiasts and I promised to add anything else horse related that I discovered while in Korea. Originally… Continue Reading “Horse Related Artifacts At Gyeongju National Museum.”

Daereungwon Tumuli: In Photos.

At various times in history Korea was divided into smaller kingdoms, one of which was Silla. The dynasty can be broken down into Silla (57 BCE – 667 CE) and Unified Silla (668 CE – 935 CE) after it had grown by conquering neighboring… Continue Reading “Daereungwon Tumuli: In Photos.”

UP10TION 1st US Meet & Live Tour Candyland Dallas.

Much as I love going to see the big name Kpop groups I have to admit I have a real fondness for the less popular groups. Studio PAV has carved a niche market for themselves by not only bringing the less well known groups,… Continue Reading “UP10TION 1st US Meet & Live Tour Candyland Dallas.”

The Kpopjacket: In Photos.

I’ve written about the Kpopjacket before including how I had to move all the patches I’d made up until then to a new larger jacket, but this post is basically a photo history of who the jacket has been photographed with. Most of the… Continue Reading “The Kpopjacket: In Photos.”

Changdeokgung Palace: In Photos.

There are five main palaces in Seoul which are all worth visiting, with Gyeongbokgung being the most popular. However, like King Seongjong (ruled 1469 CE- 1494 CE ) I have a great fondness for Changdeokgung Palace. He said “Although Gyeongbokgung is magnificent and splendid,… Continue Reading “Changdeokgung Palace: In Photos.”

Huwon: The Secret Garden Of Changdeokgung Palace.

While most first time visitors to Seoul are told to go to Gyeongbokgung, Korea’s main palace, there are actually five main palaces each with something different to offer. The buildings do all have a certain similarity however their surroundings, landscapes, and other aspects make… Continue Reading “Huwon: The Secret Garden Of Changdeokgung Palace.”