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The Zoo In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

I’ll admit that zoos are a problematic institution. However, nowadays many of them are the last refuge for endangered animals, as well as being educational centers which teach people the necessity of taking steps to preserve animals in the wild. Personally I love well… Continue Reading “The Zoo In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.”

Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? Part 1. (Around 2009)

There are many different things needed to form a top Kpop group, including the music, lyrics, choreography, company support, costumes, the talent of the idols themselves, and more. All these need to come together to create the perfect whole. Of course not all groups… Continue Reading “Kpop: The Best Dances Of The Time? Part 1. (Around 2009)”

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul.

There are ‘five grand palaces’ in Seoul; Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksung, Changgyeonggung, and Gyeonghuigung. They were all built during the time of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392 – 1910 CE.  Although they each have a lot of similarities of style, there are arguments for visiting all… Continue Reading “Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul.”

My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.

The Korea Hanbok is one of the most beautiful traditional clothing styles found anywhere in the world. Although no longer everyday dress for most Koreans they can still be seen being worn by Koreans on many special occasions such as weddings and national holidays.… Continue Reading “My Attempt At Making A Hanbok: Part One.”

The Botanic Garden In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

The Botanic Garden, inside the grounds of the zoo at Seoul Grand Park, isn’t very large, but it is very well worth a visit if you enjoy plants. They have permanent displays in the large greenhouse as well as an area for changing exhibits.… Continue Reading “The Botanic Garden In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.”

Mad Clown & San E In San Antonio.

Yeah, that’s right. San Antonio finally had genuine Korean Hip Hop artists perform in our fair city. Mad Clown and San E may not have realized it when they agreed to have San Antonio as a tour stop, but they were and from now… Continue Reading “Mad Clown & San E In San Antonio.”

Seoul Grand Park: The Theme Gardens, And The Children’s Zoo.

Seoul Grand Park is huge and it has so many attractions within its boundaries. The most popular are perhaps the Zoo, the amusement park (Seoul Land) and the Theme Gardens, however it also houses a Children’s Zoo, an annex of the Museum of Modern… Continue Reading “Seoul Grand Park: The Theme Gardens, And The Children’s Zoo.”

Tongin Traditional Market.

If you’re like most visitors to Seoul Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace will be high on your list of places to see. Once in the general area people then seem to gravitate east towards Bukchon Hanok Village, which is indeed a place worth visiting.… Continue Reading “Tongin Traditional Market.”

Namsan Tower, Seoul.

On our first trip to Seoul in the spring of 2015 we, like everyone else does on their first trip, went up to the Namsan Tower. Elizabeth did one of the love locks, and so on this trip we decided to go back and… Continue Reading “Namsan Tower, Seoul.”

Dumbfoundead: The Yikes! Tour.

It was a good day when I heard that Dumbfounded was to bring his Yikes! Tour to Austin, both because I wanted to see him perform, and because Austin is a lot closer to home than either Houston or Dallas. Also I’ve been on… Continue Reading “Dumbfoundead: The Yikes! Tour.”