The Zoo In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

I’ll admit that zoos are a problematic institution. However, nowadays many of them are the last refuge for endangered animals, as well as being educational centers which teach people the necessity of taking steps to preserve animals in the wild. Personally I love well maintained zoos with caring and educated staff, and so will often visit ‘the zoo’ while on vacation.


The Zoo is a part of Seoul Grand Park which also has lots of other options. We haven’t visited them all yet, but have enjoyed the Theme Gardens, the Children’s Zoo, and the Botanic Gardens.  The Zoo only cost $5.00 it get in which makes a cheap day out, especially if you take the subway to get there, and a picnic to enjoy while there. However we sometimes just get a snack as that’s part of the fun.


There’s a couple of different options to get to the Zoo once you get to the park. It is uphill to get to the Zoo so we have taken the chair lift up to the zoo entrance each time as you also get some amazing views over the park and Zoo. You can also walk or take a trolley bus.

We first visited the Zoo in Seoul Grand Park back in the Spring of 2015 and then visited it most recently in the Fall of 2017. Both are great seasons to visit, one for the cherry blossoms and the other for the colorful foliage.

By visiting it more than once we could see the improvements that have been carried out in the meantime. The tiger area is so much better now, and there are plans in place to upgrade some of the other areas as well. Many of the animal enclosures have vegetation, rock walls for climbing, or dirt to dig in, each to suit the occupants. There still are some enclosures that require improvement, which can be said of many zoos worldwide.

Spot the animal.

The zoo is spread out over a large area with wide roads and paths which make it a pleasant place just to spend some down time. There are many food options as well as multiple seating places to enjoy your own picnic. We saw people of all ages enjoying a day out in a beautiful relaxed environment. The animals seemed to be well taken care of too.

Korea is known for its cold winter weather so all the animals had inside shelters of some kind. Some of these were somewhat reminiscent of Jurassic Park!


Sloths are among our favorite animals.

The camels were having a lovely time out in the Fall sunshine.


There are children’s play areas scattered about as well as what looked like a designated lunch area for school groups and other children to eat. It was situated in a quiet place tucked away near the forest.

The monkeys and apes also had some pretty amazing playscapes.


The Zoo at Seoul Grand Park is beautifully landscaped both with areas of planted flowers and those left more natural like the mountain forest against which it abuts. It was beautiful in both Spring and Fall and I would recommend it for a lovely day out from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. If you get there early you can even have whole areas to yourself.




Have a great day everyone.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits to Elizabeth and Debora Marzec.

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