How to make Ddakji.

ddakji 003

Ddakji, also spelled ttakji, is a traditional Korean game that has seen a revival due to its appearance on K variety shows such as Running Man.

Ddakji is part of a family of games that include Milk Caps, Menko, Tazos, and POGs. In all these games the idea is to flip one item over using another. It must flip only once, so it would flip from side A to side B. It doesn’t count if it flips twice, or multiple times, and lands on A, it only counts if it lands on the other side to what it started on.

Ddakji are fairly easy to make and in theory the game is easy to play. But in reality in order to make the Ddakji flip you need to hit the one on the ground in just the right place with the right amount of power.

To make Ddakji you need 2 squares of paper. You can use printer paper, cardstock, origami paper, cardboard etc. I used construction paper for the examples here. Ddakji can be of various sizes, but I find the 3×3 inch Ddakji I end up with when starting with a 12×9 inch piece of construction paper works well for kids and those with smaller hands. If you want to make larger ones  a 12×12 inch square would make a 4×4 inch finished Ddakji.

Construction paper is a rectangle so first you have to make a square. Take the bottom right corner and fold it so that the bottom edge lies against the left side of the paper. Press down on the fold to get a nice crease. Cut the remnant piece of paper off the top and you are left with a square. You will need 2 squares to make 1 Ddakji.

Fold each square into thirds. You might have to use a ruler, or you can just eyeball it, but the more even all your folds are the stronger and neater your final Ddakji will be. Once it is folded into 3, fold the bottom right corner over so the bottom edge lies neatly against the left edge. Make a similar fold at the top like in the photo. The paper clips are just to help show what it should look like at this stage.

Place one on top of the other as shown in the photo. Then fold the left one in.

Do the same with the others. The last one is a little tricky.

Tuck the last one under, and then push all of it together a little to make it tight. Now you’re ready to make at least one more and then a game of Ddakji can begin. It is a nice idea to make a few in different colors so a few people can play. You can also put a sticker, or draw something, on the other side. Be inventive and have fun.

ddakji 020

Let me know if you play. Have a great day everyone.

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Photo credits to me. Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation.

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