Banner Time: Making a Fan Banner for a Kpop Concert.

banner 034

The popular Kpop group Got7 will be on their Fly tour in the US in less than a month and lots of fans are gearing up for the concerts. In the past I’ve noticed all sorts of fan made posters, banners, t-shirts, and other items made to celebrate and show their dedication to the group they are there to see. I don’t particularly like the poster board signs that so many fans take, mainly because they are bulky and when held aloft during the concert can block the view of those behind them. But I understand the urge to show off their love for those on stage.

I have helped make signs for a flashmob and for concerts, but I tend to make mine on fabric. They are lightweight, flexible, easy to carry, and can easily be tucked away when not needed. I also make the larger ones for outside use and smaller ones for inside the venue so as not to block the view of those behind me. I often give my banners away to others in the crowd.

For these banners I started with an old cotton sheet, which I tore into smaller pieces. Yes tore, it is often easier to tear a straight line in fabrics than to cut one. You just make a starter cut of about an inch where you want it to tear and then rip it. You will also need graph paper.

Plot out the design you want to make on the graph paper, which makes it easier to work out the scale and to keep all the letters the same size etc. Then tape the graph paper onto a window.

Place a piece of craft paper on top of the graph paper and tape it there. Using a pencil, or if you feel confident you won’t make a mistake, a sharpie trace your design onto the paper. That is now the pattern you will use on the fabric so make sure it is correct.You can try just tracing the design without using a window but I find it easier when the design is back lit.

Remove the graph paper from your window, and tape your pattern to the window. Carefully tape the piece of fabric onto top making sure it is centered and level. Trace the pattern onto the fabric.

Once you have the design on the fabric remove it from the window and place it where you are going to paint. The paint may bleed through the fabric onto the surface beneath so use paper or something underneath if necessary. I just use craft store paint. You can add a textile medium to your paint if you are going to wash the item, but I usually just heat set my banners with a hot iron.

Paint from the center outwards. It is worth buying a decent brush or two as that makes the painting go so much faster.

Paint around the small tricky bits first and then paint the larger spaces.Then paint the next color.  Sometimes two coats of paint are needed for some colors. Using a hot iron slowly iron the back of the banner to set the paint.

And you’re done. This one took me the afternoon, but once you have a pattern made it is quicker and easier to make subsequent ones.

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Have a great day everyone.

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