Feeling Krunk?


My dog Badger modeling.

The word Krunk, used for a line of souvenirs from YG Entertainment, has a lot of meanings depending on where you are. (Cool, drunk, to get started etc.) There are a few instances in kpop songs and MV’s where an English word is used and I have to wonder if they really know what it means in other places. This can also apply with something as common as a word or phrase having a different meaning in England as opposed to the US. (A muffler in England is a scarf, in the US it is the thing that silences the loud sound of a car engine.)

Unfortunately I never thought to write down all the questionable word uses, but might start a list from now on. I also love some of the non English speakers pronunciation of unfamiliar words. The classic’s being B.A.P.’s Himchan singing “the loof, the loof is on fiyah” or Zico from Block B singing the word “focus” but it sounding like fu*k us!

Someone else has made a great compilation on YouTube.

Which leads me back to non English speakers mispronouncing words. Elle was in Costa Rica white water rafting with a guide who kept yelling “fu*k us, fu*k us” to the paddlers. Thinking perhaps the guide thought that they were going to die, some of the paddlers started to panic, until they realized he was just wanting them to focus on the next stretch of the river. Giggling ensued, and the guide was really baffled as to why every time they came to a rough spot and he wanted them to focus everyone would burst out laughing.

Although it sounds like I am making fun of people who have trouble with speaking English I would like to point out that I respect their efforts in trying, and that in most cases it comes across as cute and endearing. On the other hand my foreign language attempts are usually crushingly embarrassing. We always try and learn basic phrases for every country we travel to, at the very least hello, thank you, toilet, please, etc and usually pick up some phrases along the way. The hardest one so far was saying “cheers” while out drinking in Budapest. The word is “Egészségére”. So yes I laugh at other’s mistakes and I totally accept others laughing at mine, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from trying. People are usually understanding and it often allows you to make better connections with the people from the countries you are visiting. We came back from Korea having made some good friends, and Elle has friends she keeps in touch with from countries all over the world. (She is an amazing letter writer and still hand writes to her friends.)

I’m not totally sure what the real point of this post was meant to be so I’ll just leave it as is, and as Bill & Ted would say, “be Excellent to one another,” and have a great day.

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