A few highlights from my recent Korea trip.

There’s so much to like about a visit to Korea that it is hard to choose only a few photos to give you the ‘quick look’ as it were. Needless to say I’ll be writing quite a few posts in the upcoming weeks. I got home this morning so with unpacking and jetlag, there’ll be more photos than descriptions. Keep checking back for stories of our adventures in Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island.

There are so many amazing buildings and street art everywhere you look…

both traditional and modern.

The food is amazing, from street carts, to restaurants, to food night-markets, the variety of things to try is incredible.

From Kpop to street performers, music was everywhere.

Korea is an incredibly beautiful country.

It has every kind of street market.


The best things about the last trip were sharing food with our friends, and specifically for me it was spending time with my daughter.


Have a great day everyone.



Photo credits to me and Elle Marzec. Please do not use without crediting owner.


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