Blogging, Family, Friends, And Life: Interactions And Influences.

I was reading another blogger’s post on how to gain more followers and increase traffic in which they posited that the number one reason people follow someone is because of their online personality. This led me to some self reflection as that is not necessarily something that I focus on in my posts.

So why do I blog? Does it matter if I have a lot of followers? Should it matter? Just who am I? Do I have an online personality? Should I create one? Would that then be the real me? All questions that squirreled through my brain as I tried to sleep that night.

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I’ve been blogging for a little under two years and focus on a rather small subject, which is Korea. Why Korea you may ask? The answer is rather long and perhaps a little boring so I’ll apologise in advance. For many years one of my hobbies has been researching, making and playing old games. Some really old games.

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As part of a medieval group that recreate many aspects of the past before the year 1600 CE. we all have specific areas of interest. Mine is games. As a group we tend to focus on Europe, so it took me a few years before I began to look at East Asian games. It was during this time that I found Korean variety shows where they often play traditional and old games, some dating back thousands of years.

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You can learn a lot from what games people play and how they play them. I’ve lived in 5 countries, on 3 continents, and have visited over 30 other countries, and one thing that has always fascinated me is which games we have in common and which are totally different. Games themselves have histories, and by tracing then backward in time it is amazing what you can find out about the social, intellectual, and competitiveness of the culture which played them.

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It was by watching Korean variety shows that I discovered Kpop, a music style that I’ve found addictive and of which I have become a Fan with a capital F. (I’ve seen over 75 Kpop idols or groups perform live.) It was also through Korean TV that I began to see lots about different aspects of Korean cultural history. I found it interesting and wanted to learn more. (Remember I’m a history buff and researcher.)

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So my love of travel and my interests in Korea and Kpop led my daughter and I to visit Seoul. We both loved it. There was natural beauty, places of historic interest, amazing modern architecture, wonderful people and of course amazing food. The transportation systems were practical and easy to use and the city never seemed to sleep. Seoul turned out to be one of our favorite world class cities.

With my ever growing interest my daughter pointed out that it was only sensible to record and share what I had learned. She set me up with my website and it has become something of a cross between my personal journal and a travel guide. I also hope it helps others learn a little more about the fascinating country that is Korea. We’ve now visited Korea three times, once each in Spring, Summer and Fall. We’ve also ventured far from Seoul to such places as Busan, Jeju Island, Jeonju, and Gyeongju thereby experiencing some of the regional differences that appear once you leave the confines of Seoul.

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I’ve learned that a visit to Korea can contain many of my favorite things; games, history, botanic gardens, natural areas, Kpop, food, and friendly people. And these are some of the things I’m hoping to share with my readers.

Even now though I’m finding it hard to share much about myself. I guess that says a lot about being British and of a certain age. I grew up hearing that it was impolite to talk about oneself.

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Am I the truck driving Texan, the world traveller, a British mum, Kpop fan, or history buff, game maker, dog lover, re-enactor, geek, or Kpopjacketlady?  All of them are me. And the truth is we are all made up of lots of parts, and that’s ok. Because all those separate bits influence us and are what makes us who we are. Our family and friends sometimes only understand and accept small parts of who we are, but that too is ok. Unconditional acceptance is a rare and precious thing. If you find it treasure it. I’m old enough to know that real love is when someone doesn’t understand, yet still loves you.

My daughter isn’t really into Kpop, but she helped me start this blog, has been to KCON and Kpop concerts, travels with me when she can, and accepts me as I am. I have friends who ask me Korea or Kpop related questions even though I know they have no interest in them. Kpop friends have overlooked my age, have given me rides to concerts and have made me feel accepted. Each group of friends is special to me and I feel very lucky to be still making friends, both online and in person. Every day is better when you can interact with friends.

I don’t know if any of this shows an online personality that makes people want to read what I write, and you know when it comes down to it, the main reason I write is for myself. So I really appreciate everyone of you who has read something of mine and I truly thank you. (One of my secret pleasures each day is checking how many people, and from which countries, have read a post.) And if you want to follow me that would be fantastic and would make me happy, but I think no matter what I’ll keep writing until I run out of things to say, and I’ll just hope others find it interesting or informative. Maybe I’ll even gain an online personality along the way!

If there’s something you would like to know about me please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

To my loyal followers,  thank you. I guess I don’t say that enough. I’m grateful that you’ve stayed with me for a while now and I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

To my casual readers, thank you. And please remember to stop by often as there’s always something new to read and learn. (Right now have 190 posts, I guess I’ll need to celebrate when I hit 200.)

Have a great day everyone.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits to original owners. Most Elizabeth and Debora Marzec. Photo of Taeyang to Alexis Remington.

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  1. People start blogging for more or less the same reasons, writing as a catharsis, hobby, way to gain notoriety, money… it’s true that whatever the reason we all like to be acknowledged, but there’s a life beside blogging… and it needs to be the richer and most important one…


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