First blog post – Happy Birthday Daesung

My first post, and significantly it falls on Daesung’s birthday. In a round about way Daesung introduced me to Kpop through his participation in Family Outing, a Korean variety show which I began watching in 2009. I managed to find all the older episodes and watched from the beginning. It was an intriguing theme, with a group of celebrities heading out into the countryside to take care of the home of some village elders for 2 days and one night. The elders would leave them with some chores, and they were also responsible for preparing and cooking their own food. In any downtime they would play silly games and often get into trouble of some kind. A very young Daesung was often the butt of everyone’s jokes, but he smiled and laughed his way through every episode.

You can watch one of my favorite Daesung moments here. He appears with Yoo Jae Suk of Running Man and Infinite Challenge, Choo Sunghoon of Return of Superman and renowned martial artist, and Lee Hyori of Fin.K.L and a solo singer.

I learned quite a lot about Korea from watching, as many of the chores were things such as fishing with traditional nets, harvesting and drying persimmons, harvesting bamboo shoots, and catching eels. These chores often showed how regular country people went about their lives many times in the same ways as their ancestors. The celebrity city folk often had a tough time doing these everyday chores and hilarity ensued. The games were a mix of physical and cerebral and cheating was often an option to prevent a loss. Meals were a time of togetherness and family bickering.

Guests were regularly invited and G Dragon appeared in episodes 7 and 8. Much fuss was made of him and he was charismatic and charming. I decided to check out the group he and Daesung were in and found BigBang, one of the best Kpop groups ever. I have been a fan ever since.

My love of Kpop however, does not stop with BigBang, I actually like numerous groups, some for their music, or their singing, or their dancing, their personalities, and some even for their smiles. Not to mention that so many of them are attractive. What’s not to like?

I also watch Kdrama, use Korean beauty products, make and eat Korean food, and love many things Korean. I have only visited S.Korea once, but will be heading back in a few months, so I’ll also be talking about travel tips, and advice for first time travelers. My daughter Elle will be assisting with the travel advice as she is extremely well traveled. (27 countries and counting.)

So Happy Birthday Daesung, and thanks.



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