All Korea Travel Information (E-books)

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If you looking for Korea Travel Information?

You must have read all those e-books before coming Korea!

Click each of the e-book cover! It contains very helpful tips.

  1. SightSeeing City Tours in Korea

This book contains information on the City Tour operation for 123 courses in 15 cities that have well-established City Tour services for foreign tourist.

1. 2015 City tour (Sightseeing city tour in Korea).png

2. Coupon book(Gyeonsang regions)

4. Coupon book(Gyeongsang regions)

3. Coupon book(Kangwon&metropolitan area)

2. Coupon book(Kangwon & metropolitan area)

4. Coupon book(Chungcheong and Jeolla Regions)

3. Coupon book(Chungcheong & Jella regions)

5. Keyword to Korea

Here are some keywords to Korea. Take a look, and if any of them rings a bell, then you already know something about Korea! If not, then you’re in for some fun learning, beginning with the very first “Annyeonghaseyo!” that we extend to you: “Hi, How are you?”

5. Keyword to Korea

6. Travel Guide Korea

This guidebook is divided into two parts: The Themed Travel section organizes top attractions by different themes and the Korea by Region section groups…

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